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Hollywood is synonymous with beauty, glamour and celebrity beauty tips. The base for all is lovely skin.

While we may not have the natural beauty of todays well known stars, many celebrities give skin care advice. Stars such as Emma Watson readily discuss their beauty routine. As she said, “My skin’s really sensitive. It’s got to last me a long time. I don’t want to wear it out.” Her concern, as with most, deals with moisturizing. She also loves a well threaded brow and facial. All are part of her skin and beauty care routine.The focal point of your skin is the face. There is plenty of information available on face beauty tips for women. Everyone agrees the key to a beautiful face is one that is cleansed on a routine basis. The secret can be compared to watering a garden you want just the proper amount. You do not want to over clean as that can lead to dry skin. Certainly beauty treatments are part of the routine. Taylor Swift as most 20 something Superstars knows all about Hollywood beauty. One of Taylor Swift skin care secrets is that she uses the same cream regardless of the time of day. She places a night cream on every morning and every evening. For foundation she mentioned many of the best in the business do not use brushes. Instead they use their hands. She loves it. There is no argument among the Hollywood elite that first you have to learn how to get healthy skin. The argument less is more wins when it comes to concealer. Along with washing off the make-up you wash off the skin’s protection.Getting the skin in shape starts in part with a healthy skin diet. Items such as blueberries, salmon and kiwi are beneficial. The greatest part—and it is true-eat a reasonable amount of dark chocolate to keep your skin hydrated. It also protects from sun damage. Remember though it should be a minimum of 60% cocoa. Eat away!So how does one have healthy skin? We have hit upon the importance of proper hydration and cleansing. By following the rules your Mom no doubt told you will have healthy skin. Mom told you not to smoke. It increases the wrinkles and makes you look older. Mom also told you to wear sun screen. Be gentle on the skin. No harsh soaps. Follow your mom’s words to have healthy skin. Many stars are now displaying their beauty through a number of sites. Emma Stone Mr. Skin website displays her natural beauty. The desire to go natural and relax at home has definitely led to an emerging market in homemade skin care. Many products easily found in your pantry can make an excellent skin care product at a reduced cost. There really is no need to buy expensive make up products when you have items such as oatmeal onion and yogurt. Combine the oatmeal and onion for a relaxing face mask. Standing alone, yogurt makes for great exfoliation. To brighten your skin tone mix aspirin with apple cider. Pretty sweet.No Hollywood beauty discussion would be completed without including today’s Diva, Beyonce. With icons such as Audrey Hepburn as her guide she epitomizes classic celebrity beauty. One of her favorite things is Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Sea Salt Scrub. She has declared this as her favorite in home spa treatment. Who has the courage to debate beauty tips with Beyonce? Good luck!Hollywood skin care is legendary. From the past beauties of Marilyn to today’s Beyonce it makes Hollywood Hollywood.Keep the following tips in mind to get and maintain unforgettable skin.Moisturize. Think of Emma Watson and how gorgeous she is and read Emma Watson skin care post. The look is due in part to proper hydration of the skin.Cleanse. Keep your face clean but not too. Harsh soaps and constant washing can greatly damage the face and skin. Experiment with various creams. Even youngsters such as Taylor know the importance of cream. Her suggestion is to use a night cream all day and night. Relax at home with the sea salt scrub suggested by Beyonce.Have some fun and stay in. Many pantry ingredients can improve your skin texture and glow. Make it a girl’s night.

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