bg bucharest amazing stag do activities in Bucharest

1, 2, 3… It’s time for a stag do!

A friend is the first person you want to call when you hear good news. You’ve just heard the announcement? Don’t panic! Your bro is going to get married. You’ll have to organize a party in order to celebrate on a stag weekend.

Celebrating Bromance

Don’t know what destination to choose? Have you ever traveled to a country you’ve never seen before? What do you think about Romania? This country can offer you some great new experiences.

Get ready for new adventures and pack your bags! Here is a list of amazing stag do activities in Bucharest you probably haven’t tried:

  1. Outdoor paintball. Feel the adrenaline rush into your veins once you’ll play the game with your mates and don’t forget that the one who can hunt better is the winner.
  2. Escape Rooms. Working in the team always is better than alone. You’ll have only 60 minutes trying to figure out how to solve mysteries of the room. Using your intuition and the clues you’ll discover, you’ll find the exit.
  3. Bowling, burgers, and beer. What can be more fun than attending a mini bowling tournament of 1 hour accompanied by your boys? Not to mention the fact that you can eat burgers and fries and drink a round of ice cold beers?
  4. Tandem Sky Diving. People have always dreamed of flying. The groom will have the chance to experience new sensations and to get the adrenaline pumping.
  5. Craft beer tasting. A beer expert will show you 7 variations of this brew and provide you with the true and interesting facts about this beverage.
  6. Bucharest Cocktail Crawl. Bucharest is a city with a wild nightlife. You’ll have the lucky chance to visit the best of the city’s cocktail bars. You’ll be more than excited to try different types of blended drinks.
  7. Whiskey tasting and Lounge Bar Entry. This is a must do for a stag weekend in Bucharest. Each member of the squad will taste four different types of whiskey, a shot of palinka and snacks between the drinks.
  8. Three Course Traditional Dinner. If you’ve decided to organize a stag party in Bucharest you cannot skip the traditional Romanian food. Delight your taste buds with delicious dishes at one of the most popular and exquisite restaurants.
  9. Casino Night. Luck is on your side tonight! Experience with your mates different kind of entertainment such as board games, slot, card games.
  10. Karaoke night with beers. Get a couple of drinks and then get rid of inhibition! You don’t want to let the stag alone on the stage. Why don’t join him and have the time of your life? The only rule is to have fun! Make it a stag do to remember!

You and your close friends will have the opportunity to receive one of the priceless gifts: To create last time memories in a wonderful place. So why don’t you check out and take a look at the full offer?

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