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3 tips to make lingerie shopping enjoyable for you and your man

Our private lingerie fittings involve an intimate experience for shoppers to get expert sizing and lingerie selection service. As a lingerie fitter we can narrow down our selection providing the right size, color, or fabric that you are looking for.

It is always our priority to find the right lingerie as sometimes lingerie shopping can be overwhelming.

For us, lingerie is not just about looking sexy; it’s also about feeling comfortable and confident.

Recently during a private fitting I met a inspiring couple that were lingerie shopping together. I have seen many couples shopping together but this gentleman was pointing out lingerie, asking questions about accessories and relishing in the shopping experience. His wife was happily trying on all his suggestions and revealing to him until they agreed on their preferred lingerie choice.

They made lingerie shopping into a very fun and flirty experience!

Now we know all men shop differently. It’s a somewhat daring task for some men. (Even just walking in the door is intimidating.)

Some would rather not be dragged to a mall or lingerie boutique and some would rather be surprised with your lingerie purchase.

However, I think lingerie shopping as a couple is definitely worth a try!

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Here are 3 tips to make lingerie shopping enjoyable for you and your man:

1.The Hype

Get your man focused and excited for this flirty adventure.

Before you start your shopping, have a vision of what you both feel is sexy.

I think it’s important for couples to start with a discussion on what styles or themes they are looking for.

Are you going for a sexy nurse or, something black and strappy? Sometimes looking online at your favorite store will help.

2. Warm Up

Introduce your man to his surroundings. Confidence is key here, feeling comfortable about your lingerie shopping helps your man feel at ease.

Start with finding your favorite items and ask what he thinks.

Ask your man to then choose some items he likes.

This is a fun game where you can try on each other’s favorite items and a great way to flirt his shopping worries away!

3.Enhance the Visuals!

A little show always helps. As you know men are wired to respond to visual stimuli.
Keep your man occupied by creating a visual experience.

Hold his attention on your reveal. Ask him to wait outside until you have your new number on then let him know you are ready for your reveal. He will love seeing you in the new lingerie he picked out!

If your unsure about what to get, start slow!

Sometimes a sexy nightie or bra and panty set does the trick.

Lingerie is meant to enhance your sexual experience, so make sure whatever you buy you confident and comfortable in.

Ask for your mans honest and kind opinion and be open with yours, this ensures a choice you both love.

It is a win-win situation.

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