Unicorn Makeup Brushes

5 Benefits of Cleaning Cosmetics Brushes

If you have Unicorn makeup brushes you should fresh them consistently. Here are the benefits of doing so:

You prevent break outs

Since the styling brushes are unclean, they most likely have plenty of parasites and dust. When you use them to how to implement makeup they spread the dust and parasites evidently thus blocking your skin pores. Blocked skin pores mean that your skin can’t breathe properly and as result you have break outs. The styling brushes might also harbor parasites that might irritate your skin resulting to pimples.

You save money

As a makeup enthusiast you know that the very best styling brushes don’t come cheap. If you didn’t know, by cleaning Unicorn makeup brushes you keep them fit. Cleaning also prolongs the life of the styling brushes. This means that when you fail cleaning your units you shorten the life of the styling brushes and as a result you have to go to the shops to buy new ones every now and then, which is expensive.

You ensure that you have the very best makeup

The reason why you are implementing makeup is because you want to look great. Unfortunately you can’t look great if you implement your makeup with unclean styling brushes as the styling brushes give rough applications. They also seem to change the color of the makeup thus giving you an ugly look.

You make it easy

Just like if you use a as well as well-lubricated device, you have a simple time operating with fresh styling brushes. Since you are able to take the makeup fast and use it smoothly, you have a simple time implementing makeup. You also do the very best work as you will work with a clear unit.

You protect your brushes

In inclusion to unclean styling brushes wearing out fast, they are also at the threat of viral and bacterial infestations. Dirty styling brushes also attract bugs that not only degrade the styling brushes, but also affect your skin. The effect is disastrous if you run a beauty shop as you put your business at jeopardy as you threat losing customers. You also threat getting sued by damaging your client’s faces.

Goat Hair:

Goat hair is the most common fibers used for Unicorn makeup brushes. The bristles are not quite as smooth as rabbit and some of the other organic materials, but they are perfect at holding large amounts of powdered. Goat hair are great for impact, bronzer and face powdered styling brushes because you’ll get an even application and the makeup won’t get trapped in the sweep.

Sable Hair:

Sable hair is smooth and fine and Unicorn makeup brushes created from this hair generally have sharp tips. The sharp form and smooth of sable hair causes it to be a perfect choice for eye shadow and eyeliners. As with easiest materials, the powdered is easily transferred to your skin and doesn’t get left behind on the makeup brush.

Pony Hair:

Pony hair are resilient and strong. It tends to have a cylindrical form where there is a consistent thickness from root to tip. The tips seem to be less sharp than styling brushes crafted from rabbit hair. Horse hairs are versatile fibers and are wonderful for powdered, impact and eye shadow Unicorn makeup brushes.

Squirrel Hair:

Squirrel hair are the softest organic haired. This smooth generally creates rabbit hair styling brushes the most luxurious and also the most expensive styling brushes. Similar to sable hair, the styling brushes are wide in the middle and have a pointed tip, making them perfect as blending styling brushes and for use on eye creases.


These are some of the reasons why you should fresh your Unicorn makeup brushes regularly. In inclusion to cleaning them consistently, you should also buy them from a professional shop. Brushes bought from a professional shop are usually of the very best thus last for long. Some of the shops offer after-sale services where they will professionally fresh your styling brushes after a time period.

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