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5 Tips for Timelapse Photography

Thanks to the latest technology and its cheap price, almost everyone has access to a SLR digital, and it does not take much more than that to take top standard time-lapses.

Whether you are fresh to the idea of time-lapse or have skill, these amazing tips will be supportive when planning and applying your time lapses.

Tripod, our best friend

Prevent dreaming about costly lightweight carbon tripod. What we truly need is that old big tripod that nobody wants to carry. Bear in mind that your camera will remain in the same location perhaps for an hour or two. The rolling or slightest shake happed by the wind during the shots, will close up in shaken take. If your tripod is not powerful and sufficient, you can drop your bag camera on it, or use stones to provide it larger rigidity and stability. This is important in high exposures.

Framing is the key                     

Most of the items we arrive to the places extremely excited, with so much power that we are not capable to visualize the scene, trying to find the correct framing. Leave the tripod and backpack and take a walk around the place, guess the shot, take a look at the scene, try to find the top place and composition.

We must act as if we are going to a one shot, as if we have brought a one roll of film in which, unluckily, we have just one exposition. The time-lapse idea is essentially photograph and we should imagine of it as such. If we are thinking just of how the end video will look, we will skip the details that make the difference between an epic image and a best shot.

Live View

If your SLR has a best battery that is for high use, I would advise you to apply the live view. By using this spec, the parallel will forever stand up and not target when the close fires, thereby rejecting likely gadget shake. Also, the live view permits us to visualize our shot in true time. If you also trigger the histogram, you will also have the exposure under control.

Focus perfectly

It is very vital to choose the manual mode in both the lens and camera, if applicable. In most shots, always ensure that this is where the target will be. Knowing the hyperfocial of our lens is forever vital, many of shots are of landscape and in this case we want the highest depth of field.

General Camera Settings

Some person will tell you that priority/auto mode and jpg files are the remarkable settings to create a time-lapse. Only as no one uses those setting when take some standard photographs to get expert results in time lapse we will use raw files and manual exposure.

Both RAW files and manual mode will provide us larger control over our camera and during the postproduction. We must bear in mind that camera is working for a high time, so if we use any automatism, the gadget will try to link every alteration of light and color temperature.  For more detail visit this link best lenses for the Nikon D750 DSLR camera


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