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An amazing new brand called Braxley Bands

I would like to talk about an amazing new brand called Braxley Bands. This company makes the first and only elastic Apple Watch bands. They are made for the modern adventure seeker and were designed with three things in mind: comfort, quality, and style. In addition to being stretchy, the bands are also machine washable and moisture wicking. Braxley Bands are tremendously versatile. They can meet the rigorous training requirements of top athletes while still pairing perfectly with an outfit for a classy night out.​

In early 2017, two college students in Texas decided to start a business in order to avoid the ‘cubicle life’ and play by their own rules. Braxley Bands constantly come out with new styles and keep their designs fresh.

With a very diverse customer base, these bands are popular among teenagers, elderly people, and everyone in between. In addition to being stretchy, the bands also host a variety of hidden benefits. Braxley Bands make in-car navigation use much safer, as the watch can be turned to face the wearer. This allows the driver to keep their hand on the wheel and eyes on the road. Elderly people love Braxley Bands because of the ease of getting the band on and off. No more messing with tricky buckles or clasps. Simply slide it on and off!!

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