Avoid the boredom: Key tips to make seminars audience friendly

Seminars can be very boring as not all topics to be discussed are interesting at first glance. Attendees tend to feel sleepy in the middle of a lecture and this leads them to lose their focus on the important things being highlighted during the activity.

Getting bored during a seminar is common, thus speakers look for ways to make their lectures upbeat in order to wake up their audiences. They usually come up with interactive discussions or present various kinds of visuals, such as video clips, attention-grabbing slideshows, or conduct ice breakers that require the participation of the attendees.

But there are also ways in which the dreaded “seminar boredom” can be avoided beforehand. These include the following tips:

  1. Secure the right venue.

The right venue has a lot to do with mitigating the boredom in a seminar. When you host a seminar that offers privacy and comfort, then the more enticed your audience will be since they are set in an environment where they can focus on the topics to be presented during the activity.

The “right” venue for a seminar is one that is closed to the public, has comfortable seating, and doesn’t have distracting designs or adornments in its interiors. You may want to check on these elements when looking for a seminar room rental in Singapore, so you are able to secure a venue that meets your seminar’s needs.

  1. Advertise your speakers.

Another key element when organizing a seminar is to market your speakers. They are the ones who will pull an audience into one venue, and it is important that you are able to project their image properly.

You may want to come up with an impressive profile of your seminar speakers so that your target attendees will know who they are going to on the day of the event. Knowing the speakers also keeps them attentive as they are interested in what these people are going to discuss.

  1. Host a game.

Hosting games during seminars is common, and this is also another element that would keep the audience awake. You may want to host a raffle to be conducted in between breaks, or announce a short quiz based on the topics discussed by the speakers wherein the winners will get a prize. This will keep them attentive because they are at the same time preparing for the games to be held later on.

  1. Give a complete seminar kit.

Sometimes the seminar attendees get bored because they have nothing else to do while listening to the speaker on the stage. They don’t have a pen or paper in which they can write down the important points they are learning from the lecture, and this leaves them looking for a diversion.

To address this, you should prepare a seminar kit that contains everything the participants need: pens, papers, and a briefer on the main subject of the activity. These collaterals will help them stay afloat even while the lecture becomes long and winding, since they are able to make notes of the things they are learning along the way.

  1. Offer free-flowing drinks.

Yes, it is essential to set up a beverage station during seminars, as the attendees rely on water and coffee to stay awake. They may have to make a cup or two of coffee to make them last for the day, especially when the topics being discussed in the lectures are becoming too technical.

When you scout for a seminar room rental in Singapore, make sure the venue has a beverage station ready for use. You may have to invest an additional fee for the unlimited supply of water and coffee, but it does pay off when your audience is alert and awake throughout the day.

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