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Behind the Scenes with New York Handbag Designer Jacki Easlick

1. In 2010 Jacki started her own fashion accessory business and she designs handbags, hand painted scarves and jewelry. We design and manufacture high quality and affordable luxury leather handbags and 18kt gold gemstone jewelry. Our handbags and jewelry are lovingly hand crafted by artisans. Each handbag is proudly handmade in Manhattan and Asia and the leather is the very finest imported European cowhide. Our jewelry is manufactured in Brazil and the gemstones are mined in Brazil as well. Every gemstone is hand selected. Every item we produce adheres to strict standards of excellence and is a unique work of fashion art.
“We celebrate old world craftsmanship with modern New York style.” — Jacki Easlick

In 2014 she launched the Tote Hanger. These premium hooks are especially engineered to hang your handbags with elegance and balance. It’s a small metal hook that is designed to hang on any traditional clothing rod just like coat hangers. Made out of nickel and the size is 3-3/4″h x 2″w. They are sold at The Container Store.


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