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Best Styles for Ladies Business Shirt

Whether it is part of a company uniform or a personal preference, many women choose to wear ladies business shirt at work. Wearing of an appropriate and decent shirt keeps the work environment professional and gives an image of competence and reliability to customers.

Types of Ladies Business Shirts

Ladies business shirts vary in style, color, and fabric.  There are quite a lot of designs and brands to choose from.  The kind of shirt also depends on the industry or type of job that a person has.


  1. Button-front shirt

Traditionally worn by men, button-front shirts are also worn by women nowadays, especially in more conservative settings.  It is usually accompanied by a jacket. Button-down front shirts are characterized by their collars. There are various styles of collars and sleeve lengths for women. Collars can either be button down, spread collars, or even standing Chinese-style collars. Women can opt for short sleeved, long-sleeved or ¾ sleeved shirts.


  1. Polo shirts

Polo shirts are comfortable yet flexible enough to wear to work.  For a smart casual look, nothing beats a good polo shirt for ladies. Polo shirts typically have collars, plackets, with two to three buttons in front.  Some polo shirts have pockets, too. Polo shirts are usually made of breathable and comfortable synthetic fabric made from animal and plant fibers.


  1. Additional clothing

During the cooler months, ladies can opt to add additional layers over their polo shirts or button-down shirts.  The most common choice is knitwear, in the form of cardigans, sweaters or vests.

Best Business Shirts for Each Industry


  1. Finance Industry

Finance institutions such as banks, lending firms and insurance companies usually lean towards a more conservative look for women.  These companies usually want to convey a message of dependability to clients, so button-front shirts and jackets are usually worn by women.


  1. Education Industry

Teachers, principals, and school staff need to be comfortable as they constantly move about in school.  At the same time, they should not look too casual, and should still exude respectability in their clothing.


  1. Food and Beverage Industry

When it comes to ladies business shirts in the food and beverage industry, the front of house employees usually wear polo shirts or short-sleeved shirts. An apron is usually worn over the polo shirt and pants ensemble. Kitchen and back of house employees usually wear the prescribed kitchen uniform.


  1. Customer Service/Sales

The type of shirts for ladies in the customer service and sales industry vary greatly, depending on the brand.  If the company requires women to make house visits, they usually wear comfortable polo shirts with accompanying weather-proof attire such as rain or winter jackets. Store-based associates usually wear blouses or shirts that reflect the brand that they are representing.


As we look at various styles, designs, colors, and fabrics to choose from, ladies business shirts do not have to be boring.  With the right cut and design, they can also be fashion-forward, comfortable, and professional looking articles of clothing.  Women will always choose ladies business shirts that are appropriate for their line of work and suited to their body type.

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