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Brooke Mason, a Powerhouse of Female Creativity

Brooke Mason has one aim in life: to help and inspire women in the creative industries.

An Australian native, Brooke grew up in Sydney but moved to New York to study for a graduate degree in Arts. She moved to LA over a decade ago and has since immersed herself in the glossy world of entertainment. She has shot known artists and actors for magazines like Glamor Magazine, InStyle, Angeleno Magazine, Beverly Hills Magazine and more.

Brooke is actively involved in the Los Angeles arts community by supporting local artists, curating exhibitions and lecturing at educational institutions.

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She takes fabulous photos, but Brooke’s biggest passion lies in running her creative agency, Brooke Mason Creative. Already this year, BMC has become a Certified Woman Owned Business.

Brooke prides herself on being unafraid and unashamed of mixing things up and breaking the rules. Through her creative agency, she aims to encourage and support her female friends and clients in what can be a much-dominated male industry. Her aim? To establish equilibrium between men and women in business.

“Being a younger female in a male driven business world is tough. As much as I’d like to say this bias doesn’t exist anymore and as fortunate as I am to live in such an open minded town as Los Angeles, this prejudice is still very relevant and we as women are still not seen as equally intelligent, capable and successful as our male peers.”

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Her skill set is not just photography, but creative direction, art management and marketing strategy. This combination means she is able to assist clients on a one-to-one basis, meaning they receive a service tailored exactly to their needs.

As well as working for women and with women, her inspiration comes from women. “I’m inspired by strong powerful women! It wasn’t until leaving Australia and crossing over into the workforce in the US that I really saw a difference in culture. Though I adore the US and everything it has to offer when it comes to women in the workforce, Australia definitely has superior viewpoints on women and equality. When I see these amazing women here breaking boundaries, glass ceilings and succeeding, I am truly inspired.”

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