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Can pheromone colognes & perfumes make you more attractive to men?

Since the early 1990’s, “pheromone perfumes” have become a popular, gimmicky product that warrants a discussion at the dinner table among friends.

Can a pheromone cologne or perfume really make you more attractive to the opposite sex? Science seems to think so.

According to scientifically backed up research, there is a strong correlation between pheromones and attraction that can make men and women perceive you as more attractive, more dominant or feminine, and more social.

Some studies on women were carried out where women rated men before and after smelling the pheromone “androstadienone”. They concluded that men were perceived up to 10% more attractive after being exposed.

There are also several studies on pheromones like androstenol, which has been proven to enhance communication between males and females, and also make men perceive women as more attractive when exposed.

That’s not to say it’s just specific pheromone products that can produce these effects.

In fact, pheromones are produced naturally on the skin, in the form of perspiration. Everyone has a unique pheromone “signature”, which gives everyone different vibes… pheromones work by altering the ratio of your natural pheromones, and enhancing your natural pheromone signature.


Over the last 5 years, pheromone technology has advanced far beyond the early 1990’s – there are now complex formulas which contain over 10 ingredients, carefully selected and balanced to create very specific effects.

There are also enthusiast websites like the House of Pheromones, where they offer in depth reviews and information on popular pheromone products.

Some of the products we tried included Achar and Alfa Donna by Alpha Dream (

Alpha Dream is a small, private pheromone company with few products in their line up – but they also offer some of the heavy hitter, big kahunas in the pheromone space.

As science caught up with what users all over the world were seeing with their pheromone products, the idea of pheromones became a little more acceptable by the mainstream.

In 2010, a concept called “pheromone parties” was introduced to major cities all over the world. They were to test the theory that people are in fact most attracted to eachothers smell, and that pheromones are responsible for the “chemistry” we feel with our romantic partners. People sleep in the same clothing for several days, and then the items are passed on to potential partners.

If the potential partner finds it attractive, they are then introduced the owner.

So far, the evidence is quite shaky, as scientists still argue whether the VNO (vomeronasal organ – responsible for picking up on pheromones), is still active in the human body or a remnant of ancient man which was discarded long ago.

However, we are pretty sure we got some solid results. Men were definitely reacting differently than if we had worn no pheromones. With both Alfa Donna and Achar, there is a huge difference between our interactions beforehand.

Regardless, pheromones are a concept which is still very intriguing and we will definitely be keeping a close eye on developments in the future. If you are interested in learning more about them, visit House Of Pheromones.

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