Lucy Kilislian, the creator and driving force behind Candy Ice, believes that when it comes to jewelry, every woman should feel like a kid in a very glamourous candy store. That, and interchangeability inspires creativity.

For over a decade, Lucy’s beautiful, customs designs have caught the attention of fashion designers and stylists who wanted to know where they could find her collection.

And that’s when Lucy created Candy Ice

Being in retail my entire career and developing relationships directly with my clients taught me about their many different tastes and demands. I was inspired to create a line that would allow each person to be creative.

Taking her concept of interchangeability, Lucy created Candy Ice, an exciting collection of pieces never before seen in fine jewelry. In the past, many of her clients required her to literally build them a piece on the spot to accommodate a last minute wardrobe change or an on-location photo or video shoot. Drawing on this unique experience, Lucy designed a series of interchangeable “charms” that can be built into earrings, pendants, bracelets or rings, depending on the fashion need.


There have…been instances where I would have to travel to meet a client who would ask me to ‘bring everything’ because they had 50 dresses to choose from and had no idea what they were going to wear.

Candy Ice can be minimal and delicate or bold and ornate. Lucy understood that women need flexibility when preparing themselves for big events. With countless designs, colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, every woman can create something unique to fit her personal style. With Candy Ice, any woman can confidently create her own look in the most stylish and economic way. And, the collection is designed so women can build their own Candy Ice set over time. Every time a charm is changed, it becomes a completely different piece of jewelry.

I think, most importantly, I was enthusiastic about creating a line that was fun and would lift people’s spirits when viewing it.

Much like a favourite candy, Candy Ice feels like a necessary indulgence that appeals to the empowered, sophisticated and successful woman. Some women won’t walk as many red carpets as Lucy’s Hollywood clients do. But, however a woman chooses to make her entrance, with Candy Ice she will always choose to present her best self.

The passion I feel for designing jewelry and the love I have for candy helped me to create my treasured Candy Ice. I hope that you enjoy it and love it as much as I do.

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