Casten Design present Vandra the world’s safest backpack

Casten Design present Vandra the world’s safest backpack, in Swedish Vandra means to walk, to migrate to WANDER. Vandra means change, and is the first urban backpack completely designs to “watch your back” while you overcome your daily challenges. Vandra features adjustable straps. You can wear it as a backpack with two straps, or you can wear as a messenger sling bag, easy to convert and smart casual to wear. Vandra has been design to prevent any possible hazard.

That’s why features a “shockproof air cushions” which protects your laptop and gadgets from accidents…It also has an easy access external USB plug connected to your power bank so you make sure you don’t run out of battery when you need it the most. By the way, if you forget it…Which happens even to the best of us…Vandra the Backpack sends an alert directly to your smartphone….It also features a wired quality pad lock to keep your belongings safe, guaranteeing you can enjoy your sport-time in public spaces with ease of mind.And when you are done you can put all the dirty clothes inside a separate compartment making sure it wont affect your other belongings.

Vandra keep your important documents tidy and dry, even with wet towels…and has hidden pockets for your most valuable stuff. You can find more information about Vandra and Casten Design @ or why not check out our Kickstarter project Vandra is a revolutionary backpack made by Casten Design. With the Vandra backpack, you can keep all your valuables such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and sports gear organized in a safe place. Over the last 15 months we have been working long hours designing, testing and refining each part of the Vandra backpack and we are now ready for the next step: With your help, we can get Vandra delivered to all of us that want a smart, organized, well designed backpack, all of us that need a trusted partner through our daily challenges, pledge for Vandra now.

The design of Vandra is uniqe spurred from a genuine interest of the founder of Casten Design, to create functional design for modern life, a trustworthy safe partner with innovative fashion design! Vandra comes in different colors and sizes. We invite You to  become part of Vandra community to share the story of Vandra with your friends and family.

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