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Choosing Sunglasses and How You Can Find The Perfect Pair

While some women are celebrated for their ability to multitask, organise to perfection, and whip up something delicious out of nothing at all, and others are notorious for being late, never having their homes in order and having an addiction to chocolate there is one thing that seems to be uniform amongst them all. That one thing is that they all experience the mystifying disappearance of their beloved womens fashion sunglasses.

No lady seems to be exempt from this phenomenon, much like that weird thing that happens with socks going missing in the dryer, we all encounter that moment where our glasses are nowhere to be found. Then the mad search to locate them by backtracking through the previous days activities commences. We peer under car seats, throughout shopping bags, in garbage bins, in daughter’s rooms and thoroughly from top to bottom of our lovely handbags at least a couple times over.

The mystery of where they go is one that could be investigated and dwelt upon for ages, but the bottom line is always the same in this predicament. The time to get a new pair, or maybe two this time to be prudent, has arisen. Now, this would be fine if the quest to find good ones, much less perfect ones, was not rated as being as difficult as the pursuit to locate great jeans, or bathing suits. And the reason that these three articles are so tricky to get right is that different body shapes work best in certain styles, as do certain face shapes work best with specific designs.

lovely handbags

In order not to be thrown into a panic when obtaining a new pair of sunglasses, or worse ending up with a pair that do absolutely nothing for you, except maybe protect your eyes from the damaging rays, know which style is most flattering for you. This way you will know precisely which kind to go for, and you can skip all that rummaging and fretting that can come when you have to haphazardly try glasses on.

If your face is oblong, you will want to get glasses that create width at the temple. This helps to balance out an elongated oval shape best. For those with angular features, you are always safe with round or square aviators. These will work to soften the sharp lines of your strong jaw or high cheekbones. Now if you have a heart shaped face, with wider cheekbones but a narrow chin then stick to cat’s eye frames. All of these selections will equalize the overall appearance of your features. Keep these guidelines in mind and you will be well prepared to grab the most fashionable, and flattering of all the sunglasses available to you.

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