images Smoking pipe tobacco however became popular as a symbol of leisure

Discover The Fascinating History Of Pipe Tobacco And Pipes

Man has a tendency to explore unknown things and it is while exploring the unheard places, he discovered tobacco accidently. Today, tobacco is used in different forms like in cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and many more. Pipe tobacco is today available in myriad of flavors like cherry, vanilla, menthol, etc. Usage of pipes may have decreased, but still it has many admirers. There is in fact, a fascinating history behind the discovery of pipe tobacco. Pipe manufacturing follows thereafter in a natural progression.

Interesting Discovery of Tobacco

It was in the 15th century, famous sailor Columbus set his foot on a tiny island believing it to be a part of Asia. It was actually an island of the Bahamas located near the south-east of the modern Florida state of the US. He is credited for his discovery of the American mainland. When he met local people, he received dried leaves of tobacco as a friendship token. It was thus, the leaves that reached other parts of Europe as a useful medical herb and pipe tobacco became popular gradually over the years. Englishmen started commercial plantation of tobacco only in 1600 after realizing its vast potential in turning their fortunes.

Tobacco has however a very long history in America as it was cultivated by Native Americans since 6000 BC. It reached Japan via Portuguese sailors and Australia via Indonesian fishermen. However, Australians got the flavor of pipe tobacco only during the 18th century. It soon became a cash crop worldwide. There was a time when tobacco was considered nothing less than gold in its value.

Modern tobacco pipes came into an existence

Smoking pipe tobacco however became popular as a symbol of leisure only in the late 16th century. It was only after an English Naval Commander John Hawkins displayed his collection of pipe tobacco from a voyage that the English population got introduced to tobacco. He noticed that Native Americans used a cane attached with an earthen pot to put tobacco. The modern pipes are nothing, but an improvement of the pipes used by the Native Americans. Slowly and steadily famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Greta Garbo and Queen Victoria of England contributed massively in the popularity of pipe smoking.

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