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Discovering Contemporary African Fashion clothing and accessories

Contemporary African Fashion puts Africa at the intersection of world cultures and globalized identities, displaying the powerful creative force and impact of newly emerging styles. Richly illustrated with color photographs, we showcase haute couture for the African continent. The visual impact of fashion created and worn today in Africa comes to life here, beautifully and brilliantly. Fashions globally focus on the here and now, embracing and emphasizing change. African fashions have existed across the continent much longer than often imagined, and the complexity of the continent itself—geographically, culturally, historically—means that readers of this volume will quickly learn that fashion

African fashion is as diverse and dynamic as the continent and the people who live there. While experts have long recognized the importance of clothing as a marker of ethnic identity, life stages, political affiliation, and social class, they have only just begun to discover ready to wear African fashion clothing and accessories. Sharing a piece of Africa with you! Inspires us to share the fashion styles from Africa. African have always been a land with color and taste. Be its people, cultures, Music, cuisine, art, fashion. Kipfashion have a vision for an international ecommerce platform that would take African fashion to global customers and create opportunities for African designers to excel.

Kipfashion is a unique contemporary African fashion online retail and wholesale marketplace showcasing African fashion design talent to the world. We offer fashion conscious consumers beautifully handcrafted pieces from talented fashion designer and ethical women’s cooperative based all across African and beyond. We are inspired by color, sound and taste of African and it cultures; we blend traditional techniques and materials with contemporary design aesthetic. Kipfashion is not just an online store, we are community of fashion lover that seek to support ethically manufactured products inspired by African prints and sharing a piece of it with the world.


Kipfashion provide timeless, unique, mode design inspired by African fashion and made with African fabric by talented African designers and tailors. We aim to also provide a sustainable platform for African craftsmen and designer to access the international market. Our items are made with appealing combination of distinctive style, high quality and vogue design to target women of all shape and men as well. Contemporary African clothing covers a vast varieties of products which include but not limited to the following   African print attires, African women dresses, Men traditional clothing, Ghanaian Kente prints bags, Dashiki shirts, African wax print fabric, African batik tie & dye, African lace, African inspired accessories necklace, bracelets, bangles, earrings, African hats & caps, Women hand bags, African prints sneakers, African print shoes & pumps and more. Kipfashion African clothing and accessories are dedicated to providing African clothes at affordable prices for retail and wholesale. African clothing are produced in several parts of Africa, you are sure to find variety of choices and collection.

Contemporary African Fashion is the result of mutual interests and concerns generated by the many conversations and ideas we have shared over the past years with each other and with our mentors, colleagues, and friends. Another important dimension of contemporary African fashion involves the movement of individuals, ideas, and needs between Africa, Europe, and North America. African women living in Europe today negotiate myriad relationships between their personal tastes and identities, their attachment and loyalty to fashions from “home,” as well as their enthusiasm and desire for European fashions and their curiosity about global fashions. Elegance is an attitude. Its time to discover the elegance of African fashion. Let us share this elegance in African contemporary fashion with you.

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