Do you know 6 Habits of Stylish Women ?

There is no universal style guide or a specific “to-do” list when it comes to being stylish. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that, when taken care of, aid in selecting the best outfits for any particular day. Female style icons, fashion designers, famous models and actors have been generally observed as taking into account the following, and thereby have been termed “stylish” by the world:


An Organized Closet: Hanging up, folding and putting away your clothes instead of throwing them around your room will help you select your outfit easily and edit your look better by seeing what pieces you are actually dealing with. Most style icons have poured in their thoughts that an organized closet is what helps them pair up a unique and stylish outfit easily and well within time!

Planning Your Outfit: It is not always ideal to plan your look earlier but it certainly helps to put on a better look rather than putting something on and running out of the door. Avoid the hustle bustle! Got an evening dinner? Better plan ahead, which gown you want to wear because style is definitely not something that comes at the last minute!

Blend High and Low Fashion: You don’t have to always wear designer clothes from head to toe. Experts recommend investing in a few classic pieces from renowned brands and names; but all the while searching for trendy and fresh pieces at a lower price point. The blend of high and low fashion is indeed a success!

As per the Weather: Make sure that the weather app is your best friend. You may be wearing your best outfit, but if it is not in sync with the weather, then it will be of no good. There’s no fashion in wearing leather in scorching heat, or silk in blistering cold! Fashion is always in accordance with the weather!

Fit Your Size: Squeezing into a pair of tight jeans is not a good look for anyone. Make sure you know your fit and buy the right fit for your body. Always keep a tailor on speed dial to tweak your outfits whenever required.

Under the dress: Stylish women are always wary of selecting the right undergarments. They understand that ill-fitting undergarments tend to take away attention even from the most perfectly put together outfits!

Signature Look: All stylish and fashionable women harbor a secret emergency go-to uniform look! They insist on ​honing a signature look that you can always rely on. Whether its jeans and a blazer or head-to-toe black, find a style and make it yours. It will come in handy on those days where you have “nothing to wear.”

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Being stylish and fashionable is a combination of several different factors, including grooming, personality, and style. Everyone has their own sense of style and that is what distinguishes them from others. There is no set of rules that will completely apply to one woman to make her stylish because at the end of the day the style comes from within you!

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