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Domingo Zapata, a captivating contemporary artist from Palma de Mallorca, Spain takes his artistry to a new level with his first novel, The Beautiful Dream of Life.

The Beautiful Dream of Life is an evocative, immersive, and at times satirical portrait of a renowned contemporary artist who, while grappling with the intersection of his art, his life, and the world he lives in, begins to slip further and further into delusion. It features a world-renowned painter and multi-millionaire, Rodrigo Concepión caught at a crossroad in-between a life changing decision whether to pursue love or success. With this new found love comes an ultimatum: does he live in this fantasized world with his lover or does he try to regain the success and sanity in his life.

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With the satirical edge of Bret Easton Elli’s Glamorama and the diffuse beauty of Huber Selby Jr.’s classic Requiem for a Dream, The Beautiful Dream of Life is at once an ethereal, captivating, and wildly compelling story of hard-edged desire and carnal creativity, from one of the most successful painters of our time.

Domingo Zapata’s art has enticed his fans to read and experience the artistry within his first novel. Critics have had nothing but positive reactions and words about Domingo’s first novel. Kelly Rutherford, the star of hit television show Gossip Girl said “This book is as sexy and charismatic as the artist himself.” Academy Award-winning actor, Adrien Brody praised Domingo by stating, “Domingo Zapata burns with desire and curiosity, like fire and wind. At once, both the great majestic bull in the ring and the colorful, seductive and very dangerous matador.”

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