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Dream Life: The Ultimate Celebrity Talk Show and Dating App Creation Journey with a Star-Studded Ensemble

Follow the star-studded ensemble of reality stars, performers, and Hollywood elite as they combine their talents and create a celebrity talk show and dating App in hot new reality TV series, Dream Life

Dream Life: Celebrity Talk Show & Dating App

Premieres September 5th, 2023 on FYI

A New Kind of Reality TV

“Dream Life” returns for a brand new season, this time with a star-studded ensemble of reality stars, performers, and Hollywood elite. Watch as they come together to create an innovative celebrity talk show and dating app, navigating the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and love.

The Cast

The new season features a diverse and talented cast of celebrities, including reality TV stars, musicians, actors, and social media influencers. Each brings their unique perspective and expertise to the table, making for an exciting and unpredictable journey.

The Talk Show

Witness the birth of a fresh, celebrity-driven talk show that combines candid interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes looks into the glamorous lives of the stars. As the cast members work together to produce entertaining and engaging content, they’ll face the challenges of working in the entertainment industry and maintaining their personal relationships.

The Dating App

In addition to creating a talk show, the cast members will also collaborate on the development of a groundbreaking dating app. This app aims to revolutionize the world of online dating by connecting users with celebrities for unforgettable experiences. As the cast navigates the complex world of app development, they’ll need to balance their professional ambitions with their personal lives.

Drama, Romance, and Friendship

Throughout the season, the cast members will experience the highs and lows of working together, dating, and forming new friendships. Expect drama, heartbreak, and laughter as they confront their fears, chase their dreams, and forge lasting bonds.

The Impact of Dream Life

The new season of “Dream Life” is set to make a significant impact on the entertainment industry, as the cast members use their influence and creativity to change the landscape of talk shows and dating apps. As they work towards their goals, they’ll inspire countless viewers to pursue their own dreams.

Don’t Miss the Excitement

Tune in for the exciting new season of “Dream Life” and follow the captivating journey of this star-studded ensemble. Experience the drama, romance, and friendship as they work together to create a celebrity talk show and dating app that will forever change the world of entertainment. Follow the show on social media for updates, exclusive content, and sneak peeks into upcoming episodes.

Dream Life: Where stars align, and dreams come true.

The bold and innovative new series Dream Life premieres on August 1st on the FYI network and stars the Aussie TV personality, business mogul, and best-selling author, Serena DC. Told in an unconventional, cinematic reality, Dream Life provides viewers with a celebrity-filled behind the scenes look at Serena and company’s busy (and highly entertaining) life in Los Angeles.

The first season of Dream Life focuses on Serena’s move from Australia to LA, where she sets up base with her team and films the new celebrity talk show Hollywood Disclosure while also launching the world’s first online dating school, The Love Academy. The Love Academy, which is co-founded by Serena and her business partner Amber, is based in Hollywood and with the help of Serena, her team, and celebrity guests, takes viewers on an emotional excursion to find love that lasts, even in Hollywood!

Dream Life gives us a front row seat to the madness and passion that arises from such ambitious aspirations. From Serena adjusting from Australian to Los Angeles culture, to her and the team creating content for The Love Academy, closing deals, organizing launch parties, and filming all of the celebrity interviews for Hollywood Disclosure, (which includes conversations with Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Corey Feldman, Deepak Chopra, Colin Egglesfield, and Daniel Goddard), Dream Life covers it all! Serena’s real and raw conversations with guest celebrities not only skim the surface of Hollywood tabloids, but dive deep into their personal transformations, their highs, their lows, and most importantly, provide them with the opportunity to speak their truth. The lessons the celebrities share provide inspiration for viewers and help Serena’s mission to bring stories of personal transformation and inspiration to the world.

Although Serena is the star, Dream Life also covers her fabulous team in delightful detail. We get personal with Amber Renae, the Australian fashion stylist, designer, television personality and model who is widely known for her appearance on Arena TV’s Project Runway Australia. Then there’s the charismatic Chris Aaron, Serena’s talent manager and booking agent, who manages some of the biggest names in LA, including the iconic Tokyo Stylez. The lovely Erika De La Cruz, who you can find at the any red carpet throughout LA interviewing celebrities. Following is Xavier Brinkman, who is now MTV Australia’s US correspondent and regular entertainment reporter for primetime news program The Project. Of course, there’s the wonderful Eden Sassoon from real housewives of Beverly Hills. Sheeraz, the star maker who discovered and made famous Paris Hilton and Kim Kardasian. And lastly but defintely not least,  Shawn Smith, Serena’s BFF who helps her adjust to life in LA while also navigating the world of dating.

Each cast member is critical in helping Serena through the ups and the downs while also making these enormous ideations a reality. Dream Life provides us with a never-seen-before front row seat to how they balance work, friendships, relationships, their social lives, and getting ahead of the Hollywood Hustle.  The amount of personality, talent, and love in this cast make for an exciting and empowering must-watch season!

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