Listers Secret Weapon Weapon

Every A-Listers Secret Weapon

Since arriving in LA Alex has exploded onto the red carpet scene working with a host of talent from A List, to new emerging stars and influencers. Working between UK and USA the in demand British creative director and choreographer has made a huge splash on the LA scene, firmly placing himself as the new go to, to get stars red carpet ready. He teaches clients how to shine, feel confident, own the carpet whilst always still capturing a sense of their own unique style.

Listers Secret Weapon1 Weapon

He draws from his own personal experience modeling for brands such as the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Nautica and Saks Fifth Avenue combined with a rich career history in dance, choreography and working in multiple countries and cultures worldwide with top fashion labels and global brands.

“Alex is one in a million. He has a unique sensibility to connect with the personality he is working with, resulting in game-changing presence,” Brand & A List specialist, Julia Brunton.

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This heart warming Brit, ensures his clients get the best creative direction as well as the confidence and calm to not only look good but feel good too. Regardless whether on the carpet or on set, there is no denying, Alex Kordek has that magic touch, ensuring clients stand out from the crowd, every time.

Listers Secret Weapon Weapon
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