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Exclusive interview with fashion designer and Creative Director Stephen Arthur

We are proud to present an exclusive interview with fashion designer and Creative Director Stephen ArthurThis interview is not going to repeat the things that have already been mentioned on the site, but will discover Stephen’s point of view further, tell you what inspires him to create and how did he become a fashion designer.

How did you get into fashion?
I come from a place called Birmingham in England and I didn´t have dreams of becoming a designer. My family come from a very business orientated background, which i guess was huge influence for me as i was the one that had a very strong admiration for Art.

It was my passion for art that guided me to fashion.


Tell us what have influenced you when becoming a fashion designer?
In 2012 I discovered the fashion competition with ITV– perfect party dress. I wasn’t very confident in my designs but friends and family told me to apply (which i forcefully did). All together the process was really inspiring and motivating for me. Later that year, i won the competition and my design was distributed in John Lewis stores across England. All profits went straight to cancer research.

That moment, I knew i wanted to become a designer

Where do you go for inspiration?
I get inspired by architecture, culture and quality fabrics. Ideas can be anywhere, they just need to be seen and caught.

How much do trends influence your designs?
I keep myself up to date, but like to create unique designs. 

How did you come to start your own brand?
I wanted to do things differently and saw the need for a brand that cares. I discovered that there is a growing market in the sustainable fashion industry as people are becoming more aware of quality materials.


Can you tell us about the next collection?
Our next collection will be launched in the late 2016 and it will be wider, eye-catching and more tempting.

You can find more information about Stephen’s Journey and beautiful garments on of on his instagram @stephenarthuruk

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