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A.G.E. Stop Switzerland is a best Swiss Skin Care brand by a mission to bring you Attractive Skin for Life! A.G.E. Stop is developed plus produced in the French portion of Switzerland. Based on the radical innovation of Swiss Snow Algae plus revolutionary Plant Stem Cell investigation, it represents the very newest progress in anti-aging discipline. World-famous Swiss know-how plus excellent French flair for loveliness is translated into truly exclusive anti-aging skincare products that aid you to attain fast, assessable results through advanced ingredients and deluxe textures, exactly crafted to excellence and presented in a classy easy toward use packaging.

A.G.E. Stop is a result-leaning skincare assemblage the best face moisturizer. It was especially developed to battle visible signs of aging plus includes several of the world`s most fashionable and extremely sought afterward award-winning active elements such as PhytoCellTec and Snow Algae Powder. These ingredients are élite to A.G.E. Stop. PhytoCellTec has been globally recognized as the Significant to Age Reversal. It is a liposomal phyto-ingredient founded on a blend of plant stem cells from Swiss Edelweiss, Alpine Rose plus High-Alpine Nunatak – a floret with excellent life force, having subsisted the last ice age through growing on the highland peaks of Swiss Alps. Wide studies have been completed on PhytoCellTec Nunatak to show an astonishing regenerative influence on human dermal cells in spite of UV radiation. This protecting effect led to upsurge in skin’s elasticity, inflexibility and thickness, younger plus healthier appearance and enhanced resistance to strict environmental situations. In summer, perpetual snow arenas on Swiss Alps are tinted with a color that is a mixture of red plus pink. This unbelievable phenomenon is instigated by snow algae. Snow algae are capable to survive the dangerous situations of alpine plus polar snow arenas. They even have the exclusive ability to dynamically live at a temp of 0 °C with actual low nutrient levels. Equally, maximum other plants in these circumstances either decrease their metabolic actions or die.

best face moisturizer

Following years of investigation and testing Swiss experts were able to demonstrate that the valued stress reply of the molecules shaped by the algae in these risky environmental circumstances can defend the youth of the skin, thus they developed a completely new element Snow Algae Powder that has been globally recognized as the Important to Skin’s Longevity.

Snow Algae Powder is highly advanced in many esteems: it signifies a new source of raw resources which in conjunction by an advanced biotechnology makes a completely new anti-aging tactic. Also, the outcomes of tests verify that this active element is not only advanced but also highly operative: scientific studies have revealed that snow algae powder progresses the dermal plus epidermal papillary construction of the skin, creating it feel invigorated and toned however allowing it to recover its elasticity. Skin is left sense radiant and slicker when you wake. Wrinkles plus lines are faded out whereas skin elasticity and inflexibility is improved, all because of the high concentration of the dynamic ingredients. Appropriate for all skin types.

A.G.E. Stop products the best face moisturiser / moisturizer are clinically verified and dermatologically confirmed.

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