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Fameuz Entertainment Platform Creates Industry Buzz at The Cannes Film Festival

Fameuz is a global platform for the worldwide entertainment industry. It was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, two years ago by Olesya Leuenberger, who wished to provide an online marketplace for the worlds entertainment professionals to find each other, promote themselves and present their work to the global film and tv making community.

Fameuz has been presented at all the worlds film festivals, with great success and accolades. Most recently Fameuz appeared at the 71st Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. With its ongoing programming of new films that are being cast and put together by the talent both in front of the camera and behind, who are increasingly sourced from Fameuz, it is growing in popularity within the independent film industry.

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A product of the digital age Fameuz brings together talented actors and filmmakers, including directors, cameramen, directors of photography, crew, costume designers and more. It also gives a platform for Trailers, Short Films and Features to be streamed for free to its audience.

Fameuz also has a Youtube Channel show where CEO and Founder Olesya Leuenberger, interviews famous actors and successful filmmakers to tell their stories and inspire others. At the Cannes Film Festival they interviewed many amazing and famous filmmakers including Director Nina Menkes, after her powerful talk entitled “Sex & Power, The Visual Language of Oppression” presented by Voice of A Woman, in which she talked about the Me Too Movement, The history of female oppression in the film industry and the path that woman must now take, to Perry King, the famous veteran American Actor from Melrose Place and The Day After Tomorrow, who brought his directorial debut to Cannes, and he talked to Fameuz about that journey.

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Fameuz continues to expand its platform and the services and opportunities it provides for the film & television industry. Soon it will run a series of free photo and video shoots in Ukraine/ Russia / Kazakhstan. These shoots will be titled Project Kiev, Project Moscow and Project Kazakhstan. These will start at the end of June and afterwards will expand worldwide

Sign on to Fameuz to become one of the filmmakers to benefit from this incredible platform that’s giving so much to the Entertainment Industry and the people in it, from beginners to veterans.


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