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Find Your Personal Accessorizing Style

Eccentric and Innovative:

Your look exudes confidence, glamour, and allure. Whether you are accentuating your sensuality or your sophistication, adding drama to your style is all about the accessories. You tend to choice bold clothing options and statement jewelry with high contrast options.

Notable fashion icons with this style include Kim + Chloe Kardashian, Emma Stone, and Megan Fox. Your style conveys openness and a headstrong persona.

Bold and Trendy

You have a very varied style and like to incorporate many of the latest trends into your own unique style. Traditional fashion constraints don’t really apply to you. Some of the personalities who prefer this style are considered sassy, girly, urban, and creative. Bold and Trendy people are often very spontaneous in life and in their fashion purchases. This results in a very unique fashion profile, often a mix of global sub-cultures.

Similar celebrity styles include Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Kristen Bell.


Classic and Chic

The classic style appeals to many women who prefer clean, simple, and timeless fashion choices. Subtlety is important, but this look is anything but boring. Matching clothing to accessories is a huge part of a Chic wardrobe. Many Classic women wear elegant neutrals with a pop of color in their jewelry, or visa versa. Pearls, glamorous sunglasses, and a modest fitted outfit are staples of this look.

You’ll find your celebrity soul-sister in Michelle Obama, Brooke Shields, Kate Middleton, or Lauren Conrad


Elegant and Modern:

Modern Elegance can be found in trendy, fashion forward women who don’t need to be loud or over-the-top. We like to call them stylish chameleons. Their style is easily adaptable for work and play. This is a creative mix of Classic and Innovative styles for respected professionals who love fashion as a creative outlet.

Notable style ambassadors for this style are Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Demi Moore.

Modest and Minimal:

The Chic Minimalist likes to keep it simple and subtly hint at her personality through her fashion choices. Most of the creativity comes from the accessories, while the clothing will usually stick to one color palate. This style is perfect for the woman who wants to look fashionable while going to the grocery store without overdoing it.

Others with this style include Victoria Beckham and Anne Hathaway.

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