For an insider look into the dating lives of Hollywood celebrities, watch the Dream Life premiere on August 9

This Sunday, watch the sizzling-hot premiere of Dream Life on the FYI network. Serena DC, of Instant Hotel and Hollywood Disclosure has created another tantalising celebrity reality show that takes us behind-the-scenes in the lives of Hollywood insiders.

Following the success of Hollywood Disclosure comes the “cinematic reality show” Dream Life , which follows Serena and other “reality star turned boss babes” like her Aussie business partner Amber Renae (Project Runway), her socialite friends Eden Sassoon (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Sheeraz Hasan (The man who created Kim Kardasian & Paris Hiltons careers), Aussie celebrity reporter Xavier Brinkman (The Project & MTV Australia) and her team of LA hustlers as they set up their new business, “The Love Academy” and bring the talk show, Hollywood Disclosure to life.

Dream Life gives viewers an intimate behind the scenes look at my team and I as we move to Los Angeles and fight against the clock to create The Love Academy, close deals, organize a launch party, and on top of it all hustle with agents and talent managers to arrange celebrity interviews for my talk show. It’s an intense behind the scenes look at how the Hollywood hustle works and a comedic look at what it’s like being an Aussie in LA”

Not only will Dream Life give you an understanding of what it is like to work in Hollywood, but it will help you become a celebrity insider and find out about some of the most salacious secrets in the industry.

Dream Life premieres on the FYI network on August 9. For more information contact [email protected]