Man’s beard has been attuned to be his primary identity over the ages; from Abraham Lincoln’s goatee and chin curtain beard design to Charlie Chaplin’s funny toothbrush beard. Their stand up beards made them stand out defacing the unknown boy to a manly found identity, for what is a man without his beard? For even Santa isn’t really Santa without his full beard.

Beard holics can agree when I say that we go through some pretty funny beard problems; getting a comb stuck in knot just as you are about to head for work, becomes brittle especially when out cold for some time, beard ruff further brings an irritating itch you can’t really fathom not forgetting how dry they get sometimes making us look and feel like some medieval nut.

Imagine a furry, smooth, soft, shinier beard; not greasy at all, with its intense natural color pronounced. Imagine that sweet tingling feeling free from beard ruff and the irritability that comes with it, and a professional scent that is both corporate and casual for whatever identity your manly personality desires.

Well imagine no longer and with arms wide open, embrace your beard companion; the Sparkleberry Industries Beard Oil and Leave in Conditioner in an elegant vintage brown glass bottle friendly to the touch, fits quite well to the grasp and can easily ride along to your manly adventures by just tucking it inside your coat or slipping it down your pocket. With its cool chilled out scent suited for any scene.

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients : Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Coconut oil, Essential oils ; the sparkleberry beard oil is light weight giving your beard a conditioned and that soft, smooth feel and that shiny look with hints of a light fragrance. Perfect for groomed beard growth, mustache and is gentle with the skin. So, say good bye to the itchiness.

Easy to use, the sparkle berry beard oil can be applied just after shampooing your face, apply about seven drops but it all depends with your beard texture and composition. Using a Comb or Brush slowly comb/brush through, this helps keep your beard under control and evenly distributed, no more knots; just a smooth groomed look.

A man’s facial hair declares a lot about his persona, and his search for identity which aligns with his character and his fashion inclination. And in this trending times where fashion and looks speak in your silence, one ought to have that sharp facial look. Whether it’s a chinstrap beard, a goatee, a classic mustache or that envied soul patch, make it smooth and shiny with the sparkle berry beard oil as your trusted personality companion.

And what’s more, as most ladies dig a scruffy beard; you will most definitely get them engaged, ‘SEDUCTION’ as the sparkle berry beard oil label suggests. Leaving you stuck with its beautiful fragrance for hours after wards and amazing complements to sort through, making you grow that manly confidence to get you radiant all day, all from a fresh looking beard.


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