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From Australia to the United States, Gel Bae Poly Nails are the #1 Quarantine/At-Home Nail Kit!

Since 2008, Secret Stylist has been thriving under the direction of Serena DC. She dreamed of creating high end quality products at affordable prices for the Australian and International markets, and she has successfully brought her newest product to the US.

Meet Gel Bae Poly Nails, an extraordinary line of at-home gel nail products taking as little as 20 minutes to apply a full set of beautiful gel nails. Between the style guides, inspiration on the website, tutorials and full kit, these nails cost around $6 for a full set as opposed to the salons $35 to $60 range!

After just one month after its launch, it has already broken sales records with Shopify, ranking in the top 1% of over 100,000 stores worldwide, “And this is just the beginning” shares Serena. The excitement for this product is so high and the amount of satisfied customers continues to soar.

With the world still in quarantine and questioning when things will return to normal, Serena made the effort to bring normal home! After thinking to herself “What is a need that has emerged due to people being in lockdown? What has life in lockdown taken away from us? And as I looked down at my haggard looking hands I knew! Nails!” Not only is she extremely mindful, but she continues to show the world that she is the Boss Babe entrepreneur that the world needs! And with tens of thousands of customers, Gel Bae has a cult following of devoted customers including celebrities, nail technicians and beauty bloggers.

Manufactured through their sister company, Mint and Temple, Gel Bae Poly Nails material is non-toxic and  safer to use than the typical acrylic you might find in a salon. The nails are also a non-leveling product which does not require you to file down your nails, avoiding potential unnecessary damage. Gel Bae Poly Gel Nails will typically give you two to three weeks of exceptional nails before having to be replaced. The best part about these is though they’re similar to acrylic nails once applied, the gel nails are more physically flexible, meaning they won’t break as easily and will last so much longer, and will be much easier to fix and replace in comparison to salon nails.

You can purchase a starter kit easily from The kits come in an array of different colors and styles, each with a wonderfully affordable price tag, that won’t break your budget. The website includes easy to follow tutorial videos that explain step by step how to apply and remove your beautiful nails safely.

With all of her endeavors between her life in the entertainment industry, this is a product range she is most excited about! Serena truly believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, even if it means having something as simple as your nails done regardless of how much you have to spend on them. With her resources between Los Angeles and Williamstown, Victoria, she has collaborated and consulted with her stylists, makeup artists, nail techs and some of the biggest names to create a product that would be made for everyone! She says that’s the inspiration behind the name – “Gel ‘bae,’ because I absolutely LOVE gel nails!”

The accessibility of these products continues to be another way that Serena is changing the nail game. Before, gel nails required much more precision and a steady hand. But with Gel Bae’s kits, the new “Nail Casts” make application so much easier! Serena says that “One of the things I hated most about going to a salon is the damage the salons did to my nails whilst removing the gel or acrylic” says Serena, “So I designed Gel Bae to be easy to remove and gentle on your nails”

The pandemic and state of the world right now is stressful enough, without having to worry about the state of your nails. With a quick 8 step guide that takes you through application, casting and curing the nails, then shaping and finishing the nails off, their tutorial on their website to apply is just as easy as the tutorial to remove! And as if that wasn’t great enough, they have an entire tutorial dedicated to their unicorn nails, too!

Owner Serena DC spends her time between Los Angeles and Melbourne. Serena DC is a multi-hyphenate Entrepreneur, Beauty Mogul and TV Personality. As well as owning several successful companies and starring in the Netflix show Instant Hotel, she is the host of a brand new celebrity interview series called Hollywood Disclosure which will premier in July on the FYI network, and the lead in the new reality series Dream Life which will be out later this year.

With Gel Bae quickly becoming the fastest growing in-home nail brand in the world, Serena DC is well on her way to being the Kylie Jenner of Nails. Place your order fast as these unbelievable nail miracles are flying out the door to the Boss Babes like you that want their nails to look fantastic again.

For inspiring nail art inspo follow Gel Bae on Instagram @gelbae or Serena DC @iamserenadc

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