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Get the Fashion List for 2017 ! These are the trends to follow for Fall/Winter

Check the must have combo pieces!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect classic piece or just a quick wardrobe fix these fall Outerwear pieces are ready to make a statement on every outfit.

The 2017 Fall/Winter season is all about Layers, Fur,  ’70s Plaid, Leisure outfits.

Get this Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket, mid length skirts, shoparengo,, trench coat

Here is the list that every fashion victim will follow for Fall/Winter 2017

This are the trends that will lead the season:

  1. Bloody red and Chocolate Brown are the colors of the season
  2. Fur get the fur coat from your grannies closets because they are a big trend for the season.
  3. Glitter – it is all about bling bling even for the footwear.
  4. Cozy wear –  the fall/winter season will  be cozy suits and sets as well.
  5. Buttons everywhere and we mean everywhere
  6. Wide Belts on your outfit of jacket, coats
  7. Velvet is still a must have

The chic, comfy and wearable trench coat is a must have this season

Get this Coat

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This Trench coat is The Fashion piece 2017, it has it all the chic vintage look, waist belt, buttons and is super easy to combine on any outfit.

  1. A big deal in Fall are the mid length skirts together with some trendy boots they will fulfill any great outfit. Wearing a skirt this length you will be in trend, but the bell shape is the most stylish for fall 2017.

And then there are the top Beauty trend not going anywhere fast

Here  is the list of the TOP 5 Beauty trends that are not going to leave the fashion world any time soon.

  1. Long hair and we mean loooong !

Of course Kim Kardashian started this trend as well, the season will lead long, shiny and flat hairstyles. Long hair is really beautiful, the only flaw it is hard and need a lot time to cherish and keep it clean and shiny but totaaaally worth it, but if you do not have the time for it you can think about removable extensions or a wig.

  1. The Belted Pony – this trend is hot right now. Make a normal flat pony and add a fabric on it in length of your hair.
  2. Fiery lips – Fiery lips with every drop color are a huge beauty trend of the season, the colors will also be matt and not shiny
  3. Let your Lipstick be matt but let your Eyes shine, shine like a star. The Eye trend for fall is open natural make up that opens the eye.
  4. Blong hair don’t care! Blong is again the season trend in beauty trends, so if you had blonde and are not sure to return to it, if so you will be in trend for the season for sure because bleached hair is the deal of season. You will be surpriced but the platinum trend can look great on almost anyone. If you should dare ?!
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