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Gilda Garza One of the fastest rising female artists of the year

Gilda Garza hit the US art scene with a bang at Art Basel Miami last year and since then her star keeps rising! From one sold out show to the next, Gilda is one of the fastest rising female artists of 2017.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself – where are you from? When did you start painting? How did you become a successful painter?

I am from Sinaloa Mexico and I have had art in my life since was little. My mother and grandmother also are painters so I grew surrounded by it my whole life. I don’t recall an exact age when I began painting because it’s all I’ve known since I was younger and I will always be grateful to my Mother for that. I always am thankful to God as well for surrounding me with such amazing family and friends. When you do things from the heart I believe great things will also follow.

2. What and who are your inspirations?

My inspiration comes from strong, confident, beautiful woman who with just one look can manage to have everything at their feet. For me interior beauty is more important than exterior. The women that I paint are absolutely gorgeous exteriorly, but to me what most matters is that they are amazing human beings.

3. What has been your biggest artistic accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment as an artist is not one event or one painting, but everyone in my life who has supported me along my journey. They inspire me on a daily basis and for me that is my biggest accomplishment. I thank God for always being by my side and for that I will always continue to follow a path of fulfillment.

4. What are your goals?

In my future I see myself always painting because that is my one true passion in life. I would love to continue doing more exhibitions and I would also like to do one event that goes strictly to charity. I believe if we all would do such things like these we can honestly make the world a better place. In more of a giver than a a receiver and that truly makes my heart full.

5. What advice do you have for young aspiring artists?

I would tell an aspiring new artist to do everything from the heart. If it is their one true passion, to always strive to do their best. Also to never give up on their dreams.

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