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Gypsy Stars RVA: Giving Autistic Adults The Chance To Live Their Dreams

Gypsy Stars RVA was created to encourage autistic artists who want to make a creative and meaningful mark in other people’s lives by giving them the opportunity to create beautiful jewelry and handcrafted bows. The Gypsy Stars RVA etsy is truly one of a kind. Not only does it show that autistic adults have unique creative abilities, but it gives the community a chance to see their talents and while raising their self-esteem through community support.

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The jewelry sold is distinctive and unique in its own way. It is not only handmade by the finest autistic artists in Richmond Virginia, these artists have truly put their hearts into the process. Gypsy Stars RVA allows the community to recognizes that though autistic artists are slower in process, their abilities to master jewelry and bow making prove they are just as capable if not more so than other non-disabled artists. These artists really can make beautiful pieces that every community member would truly love to have in their own collection. Simply by viewing their Etsy, one can understand just how much effort and love was put in the making of the beautiful and elegant pieces.

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The Gypsy Stars RVA jewelry are made of natural gemstones, geodes, agates and druzies from all over the world hand-picked for the finest quality. These pieces are beyond amazing, allowing for both a stunning gift or a unique addition to your personal collection. By purchasing one of these stunning pieces of jewelry, you can help build their confidence and self-esteem.

Not only do they put forth beautiful creative jewelry, but they also handcraft amazing boutique and specialty bows. All of the bows crafted by these autistic adults are made with American ribbon and clips. Their beautiful bows range from rainbow sets of every color to large boutique specialty bows as well as seasonal boutique bows.

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Gypsy Stars RVA is extremely proud to have the community’s support for these amazing autistic artists. The passion these autistic artists have truly does show in each and every piece they make. The ability to create these beautiful pieces, really does show that autistic artists when given the chance really will prove their worth.

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