Have you ever realized that the clothes we wear or the fashion that we follow has a negative impact on our society and even your health?

I know you would be shocked to know.

You would be thinking, “How come a regular apparel can have a negative impact? ”

Some was our reaction when we were researching on the type of fabric and cotton while launching our online t-shirt store, and found out the impact of regular or GM cotton on the environment, society, and your health.

Cotton you wear is genetically modified and has a harmful effect on you and your environment. Here are few major points to be aware of regular cotton

  1. GM cotton is grown using a lot of chemicals: The seed of a regular cotton is genetically modified and treated with fungicides. Later, while cultivation lot of insecticides and pesticides are aerially spread over the fields. Few of those insecticides are cancer causing agents. Cotton occupies 3% of world’s farmland but uses 25% of world’s pesticides chemicals. That is a very dangerous fact. There is the intense use of chemicals in normal cotton.
  1. Chemicals on your skin: Because of the treatment while making of the cotton there are a lot of harmful chemicals on the final product. These chemicals can cause allergies on your skin. It’s quite harmful to your health.
  1. Farmers Livelihood: Imagine farmers and their family being in constant touch with those chemicals. There have been reported cases of fatal diseases among farmer and their families.

Also, it is expensive for farmers to grow normal cotton because of the high initial capital required. In India, lot of farmers get into bad debt cycle while producing cotton and few of them result in taking their lives. That’s one of the major reason of high farmer suicide rate in India.

  1. Creates Environment Imbalance:

Around only 10% of the chemicals used in cotton accomplish their task, the rest are absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water and eventually, our bodies. It’s a major cause major environmental imbalances


So, now the question is how can we solve this issue and what should we wear then.

Don’t worry, there is a solution. And that is Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is grown from non-genetically modified seeds in a land where for last 3 years no chemicals have been used. It is grown without use of any kind of chemicals like insecticides or pesticides.

Ohh Wow.

Wait. There is more. Organic Cotton has a lot of benefits besides being good for health and environment.

  1. Organic Cotton clothing is much softer than conventional cotton clothing. Yes, you get a softer and a much more comfortable apparel.
  1. Light on your skin. As there is no harshness of chemicals the Organic Cotton apparel is naturally light and easy on your skin.
  1. A feeling of being unique and proud: You will be proud of yourself when you will be aware of good things happening around by just the fashion you wearing.

With a Vision to provide premium fashion and promote Organic Cotton, Organic Threadz has started its journey and with your help, we can create a fashion world based on Kindness, Compassion, and goodness.


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