It’s totally not awesome when problems catch you flatfooted, especially the ones considering your appearance, especially when you’re on a trip. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should be prepared for everything in advance! We’ve prepared the list of the most common grooming problems you might have to deal with when traveling:

  1. Greasy hair

According to experts at Barber Shop in New York, greasy hair is among the most common grooming problems on a trip. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time even for the essential grooming rituals as shampooing since we explore new places, meet new people, experiment with local food, and just enjoy the new atmosphere. As the result, we wake up in the morning with greasy hair. There are two simple solutions for this problem – dry shampoo and headwear. You can just hide the mess on your head with a stylish hat, which can protect you from the sun and become a finishing touch of your outfit. Dry shampoo is another option you might find helpful. This product can refresh your roots within a few minutes and make your thatch look sharp again!

  1. Too much hair

Even if you’re on a trip, it doesn’t mean you should abandon your razor and let the hair grow wildly. Maintenance of facial hair is an important element of grooming routine, and you should never forget about it! We understand that shaving isn’t the best way to start your vacation morning. Stubble is the best option in this case because it eliminates the need to shave and requires minimum efforts for maintenance. Make sure, though, you keep an optimal length and use beard oil to make your facial hair look soft.

  1. Dryness

Seawater, sun rays, and chemicals in pool water are more than able to make your skin and hair feel dry. Since you can’t change weather conditions and are very unlikely to give up swimming, you should improve your hydration habits. It’s essential to maintain moisture on a perfect level, especially in such challenging environment for your organism. The first rule is pretty obvious – drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. You should also provide your skin with a proper amount of moisture, that’s why face moisturizers and hydrating lotions should also be present in your arsenal. As for your hair, experts at Barber Shop in New York underline the importance of regular conditioning for developing constant hydration of your locks.

  1. Excessive sweating

Traveling is all about walking, exploring, moving, and being constantly amazed by the beauty around you. These and many other factors can make you sweat more than you usually do. This problem can make you feel embarrassing and become an intruder on the joys of your trip. For this reason, you should take immediate measures. Firstly, try to limit the consumption of spicy food as it can encourage your body to produce more sweat. Secondly, check fabric composition of your clothing because synthetic doesn’t let your body breathe, thus making you suffer. The last option we want to recommend is to replace your antiperspirant if you’ve been using one specific kind for a long time.

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