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How to Get Away with Mens Fashion Overalls at the Office

If you’re a 9-to-5 guy that works in an office, it’s tough to get away with outfits that aren’t your typical workwear. Your closet is probably lined with black slacks, suit jackets and button-down shirts. But, what if someone told you that it’s possible to wear mens fashion overalls to work? Seems pretty farfetch, right? Actually, it’s not that bizarre.

More men are wearing men’s fashion overalls in the office, and they’re pulling them off with tons of swag. However, don’t get too excited about your designer dungarees just yet. In order to properly pull off these effortless one pieces, there are a couple of style guidelines you need to follow. You don’t want to be that one guy that gets sent home for a dress code violation.

By simply knowing which pieces to throw on or stay away from, you’ll be donning trendy workwear that still has a little of your personality thrown into the mix. Just follow these tips to be the most stylish guy at your day job, but also knows how to have fun with his wardrobe. 

  1. Don’t skimp out on quality.

Since fashion overalls for men already come off as casual and youthful, it’s so easy for this outfit to go completely south at the office. The last thing you want is to look like that guy that doesn’t take things seriously.

In order to avoid this, you should invest in a high-quality pair of designer overalls for men to give off a more put-together vibe. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bargain on any kind of online men’s clothing stores like Differio. However, some trendy menswear stores don’t always live up to expectations and sell poorly made overalls with low shelf life.

What happens when you’re left with low-quality mens fashion overalls? Since these men’s overalls are made with cheap materials, you could be dealing with broken zippers, frayed hems or loose threads. You’ll end up looking more like a hot mess than a hot man.

  1. Keep it workwear appropriate with tops and shoes. 

When it comes to mens fashion overalls for the office, your tops and shoes will make or break your outfit. You should stick with your basic workwear staples to keep the look sharp.

Moreover, avoid any casual pieces that you’d normally wear with overalls when you’re not at the office, like graphic t-shirts, streetwear sneakers or baseball caps. You might think this  combination is going to look odd with your mens denim overalls, but it actually looks really slick.

By simply pairing a tailored button-down shirt and designer leather loafers with any pair of men’s overalls, it’ll show that you mean business. 

  1. Use luxury accessories to elevate your look. 

They say that it’s the little things in life that count. In this case, we’re talking about men’s accessories. More importantly, we’re emphasizing the kind of stylish accessories that’ll add a luxe feel to any outfit, especially mens fashion overalls.

Again, most overalls come off as very casual. This is why it’s so important to take advantage of anything in your wardrobe that can make your outfit look more workwear appropriate. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference designer watches or sunglasses can make.

You don’t need to get too caught up on which brand you should be wearing. Instead, you can keep it simple by choosing one statement piece that oozes luxury on its own, like a chunky cuff, leather belt or long necklace.

  1. Avoid the disheveled style. 

You’ve probably seen a lot of male celebrities wearing their mens fashion overalls with one or both shoulder straps undone. As cool as this may look at a bar or party, it’s not the best style statement in a work environment. To stay looking sharp, you should stick to wearing overalls the traditional way with both straps on your shoulders.

Moreover, there are plenty of trendy mens overalls in different fit styles. The best fit for the office would be any slim fit or skinny overalls. Just like how a fitted suit or blazer looks more polished, the same goes for your denim overalls.

Lastly, if you’re planning on wearing skinny denim overalls, it’s best to avoid denim that’s ripped or destroyed. But, this is only a rule that depends on your office regulations. If it’s fine for you to wear men’s ripped jeans to work, then by all means rock your favorite pair of ripped overalls for men.