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iDressbot is the ultimate solution for the all the people out there who want to be along the fashion scene and look most up to date with relevance to the upcoming trends. Usually if a fashion enthusiast types in a key word to look for a particular dress or a most recent fashion upheaval he gets nothing but random results from the most visited fashion websites and some blogs related to critics. This might be useful for a layman who has just stepped into the area of fashion but it is useless for a fashion and chick look enthusiast. On the other hand they are left with the option to go through the individual catalogs of all the recent dresses launched by respective designers and boutiques and that might take days and even weeks to be possible. In short, it is impossible to browse through meaningful dress selection by using either the usual internet search engines or even by manually browsing the catalogues. This is when the iDressbot comes into play and makes sure that one does not have to be frustrated by the lack of proper information regarding fashion and selection of attire that might follow.

iDressbot is available on almost all the user platforms including Android, iOS etc. iDressbot team has made sure that this app lets you have a wider insight into the most in fashion stuff about the attires and let you know the next it thing while it is brewing the fashion industry so that you stay ahead in your fashion game from the rest.

Now let’s shed some light on the history of the iDressbot from its conception to date. Actually it is a story of a friendship that happened between a physician and a very nerdy yet goal oriented scientist. The thing about physician was that she was very curious and up to date about her fashion sense and the way she looks so she used to bother her scientist friend from time to time in order to help her in getting the most recent trendy clothes online. She would also nudge him from time to time to help her in browsing the most recent fashion trends from the internet. That was the time when the nerdy scientist came up with an idea and decided that why shouldn’t he just make an app and let that app do all the hard work more efficiently and with convenience. So, to his relief he was able to get suggestions from his fashionable physician friend and threw in a few thousand coding lines and VOILA iDressbot came into existence. Currently the iDressbot is in the testing phase and hence the beta version is limitedly released for prior testing to launch in search of all the bugs and errors that might occur. Limited users have been given a chance to test it with the promise that all the beta users will be getting the pro version of app for free once the official fully functional iDressbot app is released. The standard iDressbot app offers
only insight into the trends while the pro app offers more than just insight and those features are being kept a secret until it is made publicly available.

Now let us shed some more light on some salient features of the application itself. First of all, iDressbot
filters the query and does not return everything that it could find against your search words. It rather sends in only the data from famous and high end boutiques and designers. Secondly, iDressbot is equipped with systems like Learning via Machine and Data Science which will keep on not only filtering and refining the searched but will also be able to suggest smart choices for the users if they would want iDressbot to choose a random dress based on the user preferences. This feature will be termed as fashion intelligence. In the last but not least, iDressbot is an independent initiative and it does not have any affiliation with any designer or a brand and that it why iDressbot makes sure to convey the most unbiased results to the users so that they can choose from all the available options as easily as stroking a key.