Akshita Gandhi

International Artist Akshita Gandhi’s spectacular showcase at the New York Fashion Week

International Artist Akshita Gandhi’s spectacular showcase at the
New York Fashion Week

 September, 2019: Art and fashion are two fields of ongoing innovation and creative expression. This Fall, Akshita Gandhi was the only Indian Artist who showcased life-size installations, light-boxes and artworks, paired with her beautifully written sonnets at The New York Fashion Week Fall 2019. Akshita has been previously acclaimed for her exhibits at The Bridgehampton Museum in July 2019 and The Onishi Gallery, New York in June 2019.

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Akshita’s exhibit was a three day affair that was filled with glamour, allure and creativity. On day one, Akshita collaborated with the ingenious Frank De Bourge, an avant grade New York based designer known for his menswear. As a part of the collab, Akshita designed artworks that Frank used as prints on his limited edition jackets. After the show, the limited edition jackets were immediately auctioned and the proceeds were donated to the local New York Charity, Education Alliance. Akshita chose this charity because the institute’s philosophy resonates with her vision of enhancing the well-being of several diverse communities in aspects relating to education, health, wellness, arts and culture. These beautifully designed jackets were symbolic of multicultural awareness and individuality, which both creatives bring to their respective works. Celebrities like Hailie Sahar, Elea Easton and Designer Lindsay Elizabeth came by to support Akshita’s art installations.

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Through the second and third day of NYFW, Akshita designed a life-size installation and set it up for viewings. The theme of her curation was, “Let There Be Light”. Her showcase encompassed of canvas pieces, pictorial light boxes, colossal angel wings that were connected with a halo and a tree of life. This conceptualised the resplendency of an artist’s soul, capturing its raw essence and embracing the artist’s soul as a whole without labels. Quintessentially, timeless art is created by artists who keep exploring and seeking different dimensions, which fires their imagination.

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Amidst of all her ongoing pursuits and having exhibited around the globe, this artistic prodigy has escaped all the shackles of patriarchal projections of the art industry. She has created magnificence in the Mixed Media category of art internationally. Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork and in a melange of multiple hues, internationally known artist, Akshita Gandhi has created stunning artworks encompassing myriad themes.

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On this occasion, Artist Akshita Gandhi said, “I believe my viewers’ experience must transcend beyond the canvas. My poems and different types of media aims to tug at their intellect and hearts. It must be an all rounded experience.We get too caught up in labels and definitions and one needs to break away from that. Embrace every aspect of you, sin and virtue in its entirety. This show was an allegory of that.I curated the entire show because I believe the audience needs to enjoy the entire experience, which has to extend beyond a canvas and a wall. The audience could oscillate between the angelic wings and the “I read banned books,” which completely embodies the theme of the show. Accepting our dark and light sides in entirety.”

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New York Fashion Week takes centre stage in the fashion industry today through the power of social media. The once private, industry-only event has become a global cultural moment that brings together artists and designers across the globe. Akshita is a pioneer in lightbox art and bringing it in fashion. It’s a great alternative to light the place. She is elated to have been able to showcase her artwork at the New York Fashion Week and to have received such a phenomenal response for her work.

Visit this website to get more insight: https://akshitagandhi.org/

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