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Interview with Clothing Designer Behind Rapper Sean Cos Mason Men Noneillah Collection, Naomi Johnson

Noneillah is an award-winning collection and published designer who were feature designer in ten magazines and twenty online blogs.

The Noneillah Brand first started off with men designer-tee shirts that were created by Rap Artist Sean Cos Mason, but Sean’s mother had a bigger vision for her son’s Noneillah collection.

Noneillah clothes designer, Naomi Johnson, wanted to create something that is at once radical and practical is the genius of her work, revealed most prominently in Noneillah’s men urban wear. Naomi launch Noneillah’s men collection eponymous line in 2015.

green men outfit Noneillah collection
Credit – Frederick Ramirez

Naomi told us “when she discovered fashion; she was eager to dive into the minds of the noteworthy designers she looked up to.”  Naomi said that “she started to appreciate the aesthetic process and began to sink into different methodologies and approaches to design.” She said, “her best part was how much it reinforced her respect for fashion-forward minded individuals.” “She may mention that the subtle differences between designers all come down to shape, structure and technique.”

It’s not so hard to make your appearance become the center of attention and a conversational piece. Making your appeal unique is one of the greatest things to do. Whenever you wear something unique, it’s easy to capture the attention of the other people.  The Noneillah men collection uniquely designs that people will recognize designer Naomi, awesome trendsetter signature.

If you desire to become the center of attention, it’s the time for you to seek for some inspiration with the Noneillah and get the unique appeal idea. One important thing you need to consider is always to have enough courage to be unique. You can take a look at what has been done by Noneillah Fashion.

Noneillah Collection Noneillah collection
Credit – Cord Perales and Gio Delavicci

The collection from Noneillah can be said to be distinctive, unique, and creative throughout its designer style. When you see the Noneillah men wear you can take a look at how the character of its original structure is intense that makes people want to wear the Noneillah collection.

The unique print designs are also the things which make Noneillah Fashion even more remarkable. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can take a look at the collection, or you may get a piece of two to make your appeal even more unique. The combination of sporty, classy, sexy, unique, and inspiring are the things you’re going to get whenever you have worn the fashion items from Noneillah Fashion.

You can follow the Noneillah Fashion Collection on its social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Noneillah Closet Tradesy and Noneillah Collection Blog) to see any of their update fashion and fashion shows.

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