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And what does Sartre have to do with it?

New York Music is inspired by the glorifying ways of Manhattan Singer and Fashion Artist Ysan Roche. She has changed the music industry in many ways and today, is considered a leader in her field, copied by a few better known ones and mentioned as an inspiration by several upcoming artists from today.

Ysan Roche, raised and born in Europe, has attended high school in Duluth, Minnesota during her teenage years where she fell in love with the American mind and New York Music.

“Unfortunately, Europe doesn’t support female leaders. that is why I prefer New York Music and love being considered an US Artist” she says while she looks up with her big blue eyes and a somehow aggressive smile that contains something delicately passionate. It is challenging to pin her down to anything specific and she is being surrounded by an infatuating aura of a magical innocence. Roche will be releasing her new single “Hell is other people (I carry inside)” inspired by Sartre play “No Exit” in February dedicated to her seven souls she based her persona on.

Fans have been waiting for her Album for over a year and she has delayed it several times which made people suspicious, and some more dissipated followers angry.

“I am a free spirit,” she stresses. “If my work isn’t ready, it just isn’t ready. I have changed several songs a few times and needed a story attached to each of them. I wanted to release and make a video adding a story and explanation to every song which I am now working on. It is very fortunate that I can do what I love and I am aware which tremendous privilege this means in life. I feel sad when I hear that people do not know what to do with their lives.”

I have been told before this interview not to speak about Lady Gaga but I can’t resist my intention and remind her “Isn’t it difficult to constantly be compared to someone so famous?” She pauses and suddenly becomes very firm, “I am not following her because I love people who are original like Bjork or the way Michael Jackson was. There is no need to copy artists. It is not true. Not everything has been already done these days. And imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery because we need originality to evolve. There will always be something else to invent, create and release as long as life advances. If you have the bond to your higher self, which unfortunately some people don’t because they rather focus on superficial things like fame. You know everything in life happens for a reason. I don’t believe in disadvantage just as I don’t believe in mental diseases. I believe God makes no mistake and every challenge happens to lead you to the right path. Therefore, I have said several times that there is no resentfulness between Stefani and me. All intelligent people know today that you basically pay an amount of money and get manufactured by the music industry. An exception might be Adele.”

With Stefani she mentions Lady Gaga who is said to have copied the entire stage persona of Ysan Roche from the very beginning of her career.

There is even a conspiracy going on the so-called Lina Morgana who claimed 2010 that Gaga has stolen her stage persona in in fact Ysan Roche.

The girl in the videos is said to be an Eastern European hired by Gaga’s team to deceive people away from the fact that she in fact copied the persona of Ysan Roche.

Here you can find the basic story regarding New York Singer Lina Morgana.


If you don’t know too much about it, you might say it’s ridiculous, however,

others are rather shocked by the similarities between Gaga and Roche – and wonder couldn’t get hold of any relatives or police reports regarding Lina Morgana.

Ysan is yet not willing to answer more questions but you might still do your own research.

Her new single “Hell is other people”, explains the complexity of being a character with seven different souls. She claims art and music were the only forms to express them all and merge them into one character. “In some way my art is saving me from insanity. That is why my name Ysan also sounds like Ynsane.”

I’m not sure if she is serious about it, but I am definitely interested to find out more.





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