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It’s the fashion moment of the season, we’ll be talking about for months to come. What a way to kick off 2016!

A day after catching all our wigs with the impeccable visuals, and fashion, in Mahiri Takai’s M.E collection season 2 fashion show during New York Fashion Week, Takai continued his fashion slayage with a stunning pieces seen during fashion week by some of the biggest celebrities. We caught up with Designer Mahiri Takai owner and creator behind the brand and Men’s Fashion Week Dallas. Takai has worked with top stars on several projects, including the hit Lifetime series “Project Runway”.

Here, he talks inspiration, goals, formation of his new line, the nod to setting yourself apart and paying homage to faith.

What inspires your collection?

Mahiri: I’m inspired by transformation; I love things that once never caught your eye instantly changing into the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see. That’s what I love about fashion. It takes one outfit for someone to find confidence, self-assurance, acceptance, or even self-esteem.

What are your ambitions for your brand?

My biggest goal is to grow my business into an empire to provide more working opportunities to those who desire more for themselves. I would like to provide scholarships for young fashion creators to start their own brands and giving marketing tools for longevity.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the style scene?

My favorite designers; Laquan Smith for his consistency and innovation. But I must also nod at designers who are from my hometown that have made a name for them self in this industry, Charles Smith II, Gege Gilzene, Nicolas Moore, Speechless Vulgarity, Marcella Co, and Gadol just to name a few.

What’s Next?

March 10th we host our first press conference for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas. Following this event, we will host our 2nd annual Men’s Fashion Dallas Production hosted and paired with our great friends and associates in Dallas. With acknowledgement to sponsors and partners Illy, Honest Tea, and Spa Naked Truth, Glory Magazine, Young Dallas Magzine, and Dessie Brown of LD Marketing.


How do you have time to do it all?

Organization is the key ingredient to success! Being able to organize your business and find balance between business and personal you’ll be on the path to direct happiness. Also having a team of people in position who understand and value to your brand. I take my team very seriously I only associate myself with people with drive and ambition for more. My wife, Chearonne Allen has worn every hat in my branding but we both recognize the importance of knowing our lanes. Jonathan Jones is a name I would like to drop out there for one person on my team that has been consistent in every way while creating and managing his own brand, the guys is a best-selling Author checking out his book “Process” he motivates Millennials to strive for success with no more excuses. To our awesome team Chearonne Allen, Elizabeth McCleary, Breon Wells, Jessy Dukes, Au’mon Wyatt, Kendall Riggs, Ken Echols, Aundrea Love and Jonathan J. Jones thank you! “I’m thankful for everyone that continues to push and build this brand!”

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