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I stumbled upon JP Watch Design not long ago after looking for a nice, affordable watch to purchase for a friend of mine. While they haven’t launched their first product yet (they are available for purchase November first), these guys are definitely worth checking out.

So let’s first talk about where these guys are from. Their company is based out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Sydney is an absolutely beautiful city, so that’s definitely in a plus.

It appears the premise behind JP Watch Design is to use timepieces as a means to assist charities with raising money for their causes. They say on their site ( that 15% of proceeds from any watch purchase will go towards three different organizations specializing in conserving the ocean, providing clean water to those in need, and protecting the rainforest.

We have ambitious hopes to grow a business that maintains a strong social conscience, and we dream of the day that a greater level of responsibility is taken by the corporate world to contribute back to our wider community.”

This is a really cool thing to do, and something that sets them apart from the monotony of other watch brands out there. While I can just purchase any watch for my friend, the fact that I know I’ll be aiding causes is something that’s a great feature of their brand, and is definitely worth sharing.


Now let’s talk about their first watch, ‘the bearing’. There is only one word to describe them: wow. If anyone has ever purchased a piece of jewelry for someone else, they know how difficult it can be. Therefore, when I’m looking for a watch for a friend, I’m looking for something that can be worn by that person at anytime. These timepieces fit that criteria. Casual night out? Check. Important business meeting? Check. Around the house? Check. This timepiece is perfect for every occasion. This watch adds that simple sophistication to the wrist without the flashiness many watches now have.

Another interesting characteristic of these watches is the fact that the watchband is made from ethically-sourced Kangaroo leather. While it may be available in other places, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like that coming standard with a watch. It’s definitely an awesome selling point.

From their website, they say their future goals are to release more watches in the coming years if their first watch, ‘the bearing’, is successful, and give even more to charity. They hope to inspire other corporations to do the same.

So will I be purchasing a watch from these guys once they start selling? Absolutely. Social causes are important, and JP Watch Design understands that. Also, their product is beautiful. They are going to be live on Kickstarter on November 1st, and I encourage you to back their first watch. To find out more, you can sign up for their newsletter by visiting their website, or like them on facebook at

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