RM7903EU 1 cd70 ipb7 aerial photography drone, JYU Hornet 2

JYU Hornet 2 Review

JYU Hornet 2 is an effective rushing drone with digital camera abilities with a market cost, in comparison to expensive manufacturers, like DJI which Phantom 4 with 4K cam cost around $1500.00 USD when you can get almost the same efficiency with the JYU Hornet 2 for a third of the cost. This devices is supposed for those who want a semi-pro drone with 4K videos with gimbal choice.


The JYU Hornet 2 is upgrading from the last design, aerial photography drone has been complete remodeled, on the inside and outside. Made from treated nasty colored in white for best vision. This quadcopter has a flip design, then can be used for competition (FPV mode) or for antenna taken (advanced 4K digital camera + gimbal). The take a position can be taken off in order to reduce weight if you are going to use it in competition method. The RC was also remodeled, now it seems more light an easy to use.


Its cameras are enhanced with an visual indicator of better quality and quality, one of the most well-known developments is in the FPV edition, in the innovative edition you component is included a Gimbal or motor that allows to change the position of you while traveling first person. Inner all electronic devices are remodeled to allow the IMU program or primary flight receptors to be placed in a vibrations decrease program. This internal update also allows this new drone to have a bigger battery power with higher present and volts potential. Past from using a 2500mAh (11.1V) battery power in the last design, to a 3600mAh (14.8V) in this new version, this enhancement will give an independence between 22 to 28 minutes of flight.

As additional details, the Hornet made encouragement of the hands, to prevent its harm in some accident when traveling fast in the edition FPV, which is light weight. Also their google were modified to allow better efficiency and chilling in them, their propellers are bigger, they shifted from using 6-inch 6030 propellers, to a new 7-inch propellers with higher pitch 7340 and to complete the review of their primary developments distant device has been enhanced, now allows a higher opportunity of 2000 meters in line of vision, so the achieve of the management to aerial photography drone is more than doubled. Also for this new edition will come and will be marketed independently a management that we can bring as an eye fixed also to manage aerial photography drone from our hand.

The JYU Hornet 2 will click your objectives, with the same style but four versions you can go from Primary customer to Pro making use from its flip style, just improving the bottom style, every phase you take you will have additional functions like Adhere to Waypoints, OFR, Headless Method Me, POI, One Key Come back. If you want to experience competition mode try the bottom design, less heavy one to be able capture the top rate quicker than the others. But if you want to take benefit of its antenna photos abilities we suggest to get the Pro edition so you can got the 4K digital camera with Sony models indicator and electric gimbal.

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