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Lateef Lovejoy: Comedian & Actor on the rise

In a pool of talented black comedians, Lateef Lovejoy is definitely among the most gifted and popular entertainers. Ever since his debut as a witty 12 year old in the famous show “Mousetrap”, Lovejoy has never looked back or considered any other profession. Now headlining around the world he is taking a moment to answer some questions for us:

Tell is about how you became a comedian?

A friend of mine had a fashion show he was putting on and had the original host not show up! so he litually ask me if i can stand in 20mins prior to the show starting, so i ended up hosting the event. There where segments where the models had to change clothes so i just started to interact with the audience and got a good reaction of laughter from them and the rest is history! lol

What have been your greatest career highlight so far?

Comedy has truely been a blessing and there have been so many Highlights, but i would say the one that stands out for me the most was performing internationally for the first time when i performed at the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam. Was an amazing experience!

What advice do you have for people that wish to become stand up comedians?

The advice i will give is to always stay true to yourself and write as often as possible. Stand-up is one of the hardest artforms in the world and requires alot of dedication. Also i would say it’s very important to be socially aware and never limit your creativity!

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For his upcoming giglist visit the official website  and follow him on all social media @lateeflovejoy


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