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Do you think your wardrobe is chic and hip as your cool rock star neighbor down the down the street? Is your wardrobe classy enough to grab the attention of your crush? Do you know what you’re missing? Is your answer ‘No’ to all these questions?

Of course it is. Do you know the reason why? Because you don’t own a cool and trendy leather jacket.  I’m pretty sure many of you must be thinking why haven’t I thought of that before? I should totally go and buy a leather jacket right away. But when you do go to buy one, you get double minded after seeing the exaggerated price tags and think to yourself, ‘Is buying such an expensive jacket even worth it’? Frankly speaking it’s not. Spending 300 or 350 dollars on a leather jacket is not justified in any way.

But what if you got one for a cheaper price? What if you got a leather jacket for 160 dollars or under? There are places where you can buy loads and save loads at the same time. With up to date and the latest leather jackets, you can look good and go easy on the pocket at the same time. An example of such stores is Urban Leather Store. With their finest leather and skilled craftsmen ship, they aim to provide the finest leather jackets for men and women at a very reasonable price.

Leather jackets take ‘cool’ to a whole new level. They have been in demand for almost all eras. Whether its leather jackets for men or women’s leather jackets, they just redefine your personality. Leather jackets for men are usually worn by bikers. Not only do they give them a new and hip identity but also they provide an extra layer of protection. So if you want to send some cool biker vibes to the pretty girl next door, leather jackets are the right choice for you. You can even accessorize your jacket by adding matte studs and tassels to make it look even cooler. Another great advantage of leather jackets is that you only need to spend money once. The leather used in such jackets is of the finest quality and doesn’t wear out for ages.

Don’t worry ladies, women leather jackets are as good as leather jackets for men. Women’s leather jackets are mainly popular among musicians. A good leather jacket does not only make you look good but it also provides a boost to your confidence. And a confident personality is all a woman needs. Women’s leather jackets can be customized and accessorized even more. There is a variety of flashy studs, brooches and fancy tassels which can add to how your leather jacket looks.

Since leather jackets are made up of 100 % pure lambs leather, they are weather resistant and can be worn in every weather condition. They are available in a variety of colors all of which are to die for.


Urban Leather Store is a USA based brand which specializes in Leather Jackets for both men and women. With their skilled craftsmanship and finest quality, Urban Leather Store promises to provide you the widest variety of leather jackets in a price which is in the reach of everyone.

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