Lee Broda’s Whispers from The Moon touches your heart

Whispers From The Moon by Lee Broda is a poetry collection that talks about heartache, love,grief, loss and how to empower oneself to overcome challenges and enjoy life. It has four chapters, each representing the four phases of the moon: full, waning, eclipse, waxing.

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A companion in our life’s journeys, Whispers From The Moon encourages us to live a genuine life with forgiveness, acceptance, passion, and finally, love. Lee Broda’s poetry is evoking and raw. Her poetry can sometimes be classified as painful and dark, and searching for knowledge.

Already, her poetry has touched thousands of people and she wishes to let her readers know that they are not alone in their joy or suffering. She wishes they could explore the hidden, deep edges of their hearts between the wandering words of her soul.


Who is Lee Broda?

Lee Broda is a multifaceted talent known for her work as an actress, poet, and producer. She is also the founder of Women Creating Changes, an organization that aims to bring together women from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to bridge cultural and political divides.

Lee Broda is a natural poet born in Israel. She writes about the beauties and uncertainties of life from a unique point of view. Broda has always loved poetry, so much so that she started writing from when she was a teenager.

Broda grew up in the rural part of Israel. Up till this moment, she has not shared her poetry with anyone. Her first poetry book is Whispers From the Moon, and she is happy to share this with everyone. She is well-known for her passionate creative drive and intelligence as a producer and celebrated actor.

As a film producer she has worked hard to ensure the success of more than thirty films, such as Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter (which stars Winona Ryder and Peter Sarsgaard), The Forgiven (Eric Bana, Forest Whitaker) and The Trust (Elijah Wood, Nicolas Cage). She is also the founder of LB Entertainment, a company that produces, develops and finances major independent films. Her recent films produced include Class Rank, The Kindergarten Teacher, The Pretenders, and A Private War. The Kindergarten Teacher and A Private War which was nominated for two Golden Globes in 2019. The she has produced have premiered at the top film festivals in the world, such as Venice, Sundance, Tribeca, BFI, SXSW, New York, and Toronto Film Festival.

In addition, Lee founded the Women Creating Change organization. The organization aims to empower and create opportunities for female directors, producers, actors, and writers from the Middle East.

Her first book Whispers From the Moon is available on Amazon and she is currently working on two more books in both English and Hebrew.


Brief Overview of Women Creating Changes

Women Creating Changes was founded by Lee Broda and a team of Israeli and Arab female filmmakers. The organization aims to promote tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and unity through entertainment, transcending the boundaries set by faith, culture, and politics.

The Power of Entertainment in Promoting Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

Entertainment has a unique power to break down barriers and promote understanding. It provides a universal language that allows people to connect on a human level, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. This article explores the role of entertainment, specifically the film “Whispers from The Moon,” in promoting unity and change among women of the MENA region.

The Genesis of Women Creating Changes

The Founding Members

Women Creating Changes was born out of the shared vision of Lee Broda and a group of dedicated Israeli and Arab female filmmakers. They recognized the need for a platform that would empower women of the MENA region and allow them to tell their own stories.

The Mission and Objectives

The organization’s mission is to bridge cultural and political divides among women of different faiths in the MENA region. Through entertainment, they aim to foster tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and create a united community.

The Challenges of Bringing Women of Different Faiths Together

The journey of Women Creating Changes hasn’t been without challenges. The political tensions and cultural differences inherent in the MENA region have often created obstacles. However, the organization has remained steadfast in its mission, using entertainment as a powerful tool to break down these barriers.

The Role of Women in the MENA Region

Women’s Rights and Representation in the Media

The representation of women in the media has a significant impact on societal perceptions and attitudes. In the MENA region, where women’s rights are often restricted, it is crucial to provide platforms that accurately represent women and champion their rights.

The Impact of Cultural and Political Divides on Women

The cultural and political divides within the MENA region often disproportionately affect women. These divides can limit opportunities, reinforce negative stereotypes, and perpetuate gender inequality. It is against this backdrop that Women Creating Changes operates, working to overcome these divides and empower women.

Entertainment as a Tool for Social Change

How Entertainment Can Challenge Stereotypes and Promote Empathy

Entertainment, and films specifically, have an unrivaled capacity to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. They can portray diverse perspectives, humanize narratives, and inspire empathy by bringing viewers into the lived experiences of others. This power can be harnessed to drive social change, as demonstrated by Women Creating Changes.

Examples of Successful Entertainment Initiatives for Social Change

Throughout history, numerous entertainment initiatives have successfully catalyzed social change. Movies like “Philadelphia,” “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” and “Thelma & Louise” challenged societal norms and sparked conversations on important issues. In the context of the MENA region, “Whispers from The Moon” stands as a prime example of using film to foster unity and promote dialogue.

Whispers from The Moon: A Story of Unity

Overview of the Movie

“Whispers from The Moon” is a poignant film that embodies the mission of Women Creating Changes. It tells a story of unity, transcending cultural and religious divides, and captures the shared human experiences that bind us all.

The Themes of the Movie

The movie delves into themes of unity, empathy, and understanding. It underscores the commonalities that exist amidst diversity, highlighting how shared human experiences can bridge even the most profound divides.

The Message of the Movie

The message of “Whispers from The Moon” aligns with the ethos of Women Creating Changes: that despite our different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, we are more alike than we are different. It’s a message of unity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence, conveyed through the universal language of cinema.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Whispers from The Moon

The Diverse Team of Filmmakers

“Whispers from The Moon” was brought to life by a diverse team of filmmakers, a testament to the mission of Women Creating Changes. This multicultural team, led by Lee Broda, was united by a shared vision: to tell a story that would resonate with women across the MENA region and beyond.

The Challenges and Triumphs of Making a Movie with a Multicultural Team

Working with a multicultural team presented both challenges and triumphs. The differing perspectives and experiences enriched the filmmaking process, adding depth and authenticity to the story. Overcoming language barriers, cultural differences, and political tensions, the team embodied the unity and tolerance championed by the film itself.

The Premiere of Whispers from The Moon

The Significance of the Premiere

The premiere of “Whispers from The Moon” marked a significant milestone for Women Creating Changes. It was a testament to the power of unity, diversity, and storytelling, and demonstrated the impact that such a project can have on fostering understanding and tolerance.

The Reactions of the Audience

Audience reactions to “Whispers from The Moon” were overwhelmingly positive. Many viewers expressed how deeply they resonated with the film’s themes, acknowledging the power of its message. The film stirred emotions, triggered conversations, and left a lasting impact, making it clear that it had achieved its goal of promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The Impact of the Movie on Promoting Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

By presenting a humanized and relatable narrative, “Whispers from The Moon” has played a significant role in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The film has sparked conversations about unity, challenged stereotypes, and encouraged viewers to view their counterparts in the MENA region with empathy and understanding.

Women Creating Changes Beyond Whispers from The Moon

Other Initiatives and Projects of Women Creating Changes

Beyond “Whispers from The Moon,” Women Creating Changes is engaged in a myriad of other initiatives aimed at fostering unity and promoting social change. These include workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, each one designed to bring women of different faiths closer together.

The Future of Women Creating Changes

The future of Women Creating Changes is promising. With each successful project, the organization moves a step closer to its goal of bridging cultural and political divides. As it continues to use the power of entertainment to foster understanding and promote peaceful coexistence, Women Creating Changes is poised to make a lasting impact in the MENA region and beyond.

The Importance of Promoting Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

The Benefits of a United Community

A united community is one that is peaceful, resilient, and prosperous. When people of different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures come together in mutual respect and understanding, they can collaborate effectively, leverage diverse perspectives, and work towards common goals.

The Role of Entertainment in Promoting Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

Entertainment has a crucial role to play in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence. By challenging stereotypes, humanizing narratives, and promoting understanding, entertainment can drive social change and help create a world where everyone is accepted, respected, and valued for their unique contributions.

What Inspired Lee Broda to Found Women Creating Changes?

Lee Broda was inspired to found Women Creating Changes by her belief in the power of entertainment to foster understanding and promote social change. As a filmmaker herself, she recognized the potential of film to challenge stereotypes, humanize narratives, and inspire empathy.

How Can Entertainment Promote Social Change?

Entertainment can promote social change by challenging societal norms, sparking conversations on important issues, and promoting empathy and understanding. Films, in particular, can provide viewers with a window into different cultures and perspectives, helping to break down barriers and promote unity.

How Can Individuals Support Women Creating Changes and Similar Initiatives?

Individuals can support Women Creating Changes and similar initiatives by spreading the word about their work, attending their events, and donating to their causes. They can also use their own platforms to promote the message of unity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.

Recap of the Importance of Women Creating Changes and Whispers from The Moon

The importance of initiatives like Women Creating Changes cannot be overstated. Through their work, they are not only fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among women of different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures, but they are also challenging societal norms and stereotypes. Their film, “Whispers from The Moon,” is a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and promoting peace.

Call to Action for Promoting Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence in the MENA Region

The journey towards tolerance and peaceful coexistence is a continuous one, and it requires the collective efforts of everyone. It starts with challenging our own biases and seeking to understand others who are different from us. It’s about engaging in conversations about unity, diversity, and peace. Everyone can play a role in this journey by supporting initiatives like Women Creating Changes, and by using their own platforms to promote unity and tolerance.

What inspired Lee Broda to found Women Creating Changes?

Lee Broda was inspired to found Women Creating Changes after recognizing the power of entertainment in bridging cultural and political divides. She, along with a group of Israeli and Arab female filmmakers, envisioned a platform that would bring together women from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence through the power of storytelling.

How can entertainment promote social change?

Entertainment, particularly films, can be a powerful tool for social change. They can challenge societal norms and stereotypes, provide a platform for underrepresented voices, and promote empathy and understanding among diverse audiences. A well-told story can change perspectives and provoke conversations, leading to greater awareness and change.

How can individuals support Women Creating Changes and similar initiatives?

There are many ways individuals can support initiatives like Women Creating Changes. This includes financial donations, volunteering time or skills, attending and promoting their events, and spreading awareness about the organization and its objectives. In addition, individuals can also support by advocating for women’s rights and representation in their own communities and industries.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the importance of understanding, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence cannot be overstated. The work of Lee Broda and Women Creating Changes is a shining example of how entertainment can be harnessed as a powerful tool to promote social change. As we move forward, let us all remember the power of a single story to unite, to heal, and to inspire.

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