Life Behind The Scenes with Dr. Keshia Gaines: A Closer Look

I was going through this magazine called “The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine” and I was so impressed. This was started obviously by the amazing Dr. Keshia Gaines herself. She is one of the most knowledgeable and educated celebrity authors out today. She could be the next Oprah, which in almost everyone’s opinion -is huge. She is an internationally known figure because of her education books, popular mini-magazine, and other entertainment projects.

Dr. Gaines worked alongside a great team to produce her new magazine. One of the most fascinating articles in this magazine is “life behind the scenes.” This article was written by Lolitta Dozier, Dr. Gaines’s makeup artist and executive editor. Ms. Dozier does her makeup for special social events as well as photoshoots for the magazine.

If you don’t know who Lolitta Dozier is, then there is even a picture placed on the top of the article where there is a group of beautiful women, which include Halima Welch, Dr. Gaines, Trichi Murphy (feature editor) and Lolitta Dozier in a behind-the-scenes photo.

On top of the page, it is quoted “She loves to have fun, but she is serious about her work.” This line clearly states the passion of Dr. Gaines towards her latest projects.

Ms. Lolitta Dozier describes Dr. Gaines with words such as blessing, compassionate, kind hearted, fun, opportunist, cautious, dedicated, sweet, trustworthy, friend, and hard working.

Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

She reveals how Dr. Gaines is passionate about crabs legs, movie sets, exotic birds, and antique cars. Another secret revealed was how Dr. Gaines has a great dislike of eye makeup particularly on herself and how she cringes at every brush stroke on her eyelids.

“Young Oprah” has clearly left a huge impact on her colleagues as well as countless others.

Like many other articles in this magazine, this article also ends up hoping for a great success of this magazine.

It fascinates me that, being so good at what she does, Dr. Gaines is often humble. I love how every one of her team members are so passionate about working with her. We clearly need more dedicated women like Dr. Gaines in this world and in our lives. I would suggest each reader to go look up this magazine and read it. Know about the positive inspiration Dr. Gaines wishes to spread.

I wish Dr. Gaines and her team best of luck in making this magazine a great success. Women like her exist in small numbers and those who do should be greatly appreciated for all their hard work and dedication towards the society.

You can order a copy of Dr. Gaines’s latest magazine issue on MagCloud.com for $4.99.


Also, check out the magazine’s Facebook page at


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