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Lizzie Stanton Fashion Designer

Lizzie Stanton is fashion designer who specializes in luxury vests and other sophisticated apparel. Lizzie’s inspiration for her brand originated when she began designing her first home. She has a keen sensitivity to color that enables her to know instinctively the reflective value of a certain paint, what colors work well together, and what colors match. Lizzie has the rare talent of being able to recall different hues and shades in a room, even after several days have passed.

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However, what truly inspired Lizzie to launch a brand of her own was her passion for entertaining others. “I love throwing parties and setting a mood,” explains Lizzie. “I want my guests to feel comfortable and welcome, but I also want to transport them to another place and time, to make them forget their day-to-day concerns and feel some kind of magic.” In her attempts to set the mood, Lizzie began dressing in clothing she felt was soft and serene. She began making jumpsuits and subtle, sexy pieces that naturally attracted people to her.

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Lizzie was continuously approached by business owners who were entranced by her clothing. They loved her style and wanted it in their stores. Men and women in the street asked her where they, too, could find what she was wearing, so they could be just as enticing as Lizzie. They didn’t know that they were admiring original, hand-made designs – a thought that gave Lizzie the impetus to launch her own business. The philosophy behind her brand is the same one she uses in her everyday life: be simple, soft, and serene. Lizzie is a woman of substance and simplicity who believes that when people feel comfortable, they are the most beautiful. Lizzie describes her work as “a clothing line of soft, elegant fabrics that mix and match and are easy to pack. Getting dressed becomes simple, but when you walk into a room, you’ll make an impact and feel magical.”

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