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Markus Lupfer

IFCHIC is an online store where stylish and chic women shop for the latest and most sought after designer brands without ever having to leave their home. IFCHIC’s designer clothing range is often sported by people in the media eye and range from everyday jeans to elegant dresses for day and night. Whether you are looking for a new pair of stylish jeans or want to find out about what’s in right now IFCHIC is the place to be.


IFCHIC feature clothing from famous designers such as Marcus Lupfer, known for his artful twist on the everyday classics. His unique design approach has already been noticed by Koh Samui who took on his final year collection when graduated in 1997. By 2001 his collection had won him the British Fashion Councils New Generation award and he is still going strong with his clothes being bought by his label lovers all over the globe.


Markus Lupfer was quickly recognised in his graduating country of England when he was featured regularly during the London fashion week schedule. In Spain his talents were quickly recognised too, shown by his Prix de la Mode award for best designer of the year. He quickly was invited to collaborate with other well-known brand designers to further his already growing range.


Markus Lupfer is best known for his humorous knitwear and tailoring of all items in his range. He tends to use surreal print and embellishment making for a unique twist on the classics such as the woollen jumper that many other designers have tried to emulate. Fans of his range include Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, both shown numerous times sporting his apparel.


His customers return time and time again, waiting for what the Markus Lupfer range is going to bring them each and every season. His fan base has been growing since the brand was founded and continues to grow from strength to strength as more people from all backgrounds are proud to be seen wearing his range.


The Markus Lupfer brand has and still includes sweaters that are sequined and have a very broad fan base. They have such a large range that people can wear them every day as casual with a twist or dress them up for a witty but smart look. This has attracted people men and women from teenagers to people in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. The witty designs make their wearers feel good wherever they are and put a smile on the faces of those that see them. They’re not novelty; they’re designed with comfort and quality in mind making them ideal for any wardrobe.

More recently the brand has spread to also include footwear, accessories and of course a range for men so they too can enjoy the quality and style that the Markus Lupfer brand is renowned for. You can dress head to toe in Markus Lupfer or mix it up a bit with other items you already own, or create a brand new outfit from the many other quality designer items from IFCHIC all delivered to your door free of charge.


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