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The MOCUTE 054 Wireless Controller is the finest PC gaming controller for maximum people since it is the most comfy for average-size hands; all of its analog sticks, switches, and triggers work fine, too, and it can work above Bluetooth otherwise with a Micro-USB cable. Plus, its touchpad could simulate a mouse cursor, a feature no additional good controller has. But the MOCUTE 05 4 needs a bit of effort toward set up on Windows, it will not work for most games on OS X, as well as it’s a bit small for big hands. If you requisite a controller that’s plug-and-play on Windows, prepared to work with additional games on OS X, plus better for bigger hands

All our panel testers by average-size otherwise small hands decided that the MOCUTE 054 was more comfy to hold than the additional controllers, because of its size and shape. The MOCUTE 054’s switches are all easy toward reach, which is not the case for numerous other models, counting the Xbox One controller plus the Steam Controller.

All of the MOCUTE 054’s controls work fine. The triggers offer smooth movement as well as a solid, sustaining stop, and they spring back up while released. The shoulder switches are easy for hands of all dimensions to reach and feel snappy while pressed. The symmetrical analog twigs are easy to grip by your thumbs, and they move effortlessly and precisely; they’re moreover easier toward depress (to activate L3 and R3) than additional analog sticks we tested.

The D-pad has four distinct buttons and a comfy divot in the center toward rest your thumb. The switches feel spongier than those on several of the other D-pads we verified, but they’re dependably responsive. Whether you like them is mainly a matter of preference—some persons hate the clicker feel of the Xbox One’s D-pad, while others prefer it. The × ○ □ △ buttons are well-spaced plus offer adequate travel.

The MOCUTE 054 is the merely good controller by a touchpad, which expanses along the top of the controller among the D-pad as well as the × ○ □ △ buttons plus above the analog sticks. You can usage this touchpad toward control a mouse cursor on the Windows desktop otherwise video game. Taking benefit of the touchpad needs third-party software named DS4 Windows, but you will need that software toward get the controller working on a PC anyhow; we’ll discuss this theme more in a moment.

You can usage the MOCUTE 054 over Bluetooth otherwise with a Micro-USB cable. To pair it to any PC via Bluetooth, you press plus hold the PlayStation as well as Share buttons until the light bar flashes. The Micro-USB connection permits you to use the MOCUTE 054 on PCs without Bluetooth in addition to recharges the controller’s battery however you play. All the buttons (counting the shoulder bumpers) are well-placed as well as easy for hands of all extents to reach.

The latest version of Controller sports textured back grips as well as Bluetooth support, which assurances better range in addition to wireless support on Windows PC without a dongle.

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