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New emerging New York based designer Brand glorka is just for you!

If you ever wondered about wearing clothes that not only feel comfortable and cozy but also look stylish and trendy, then this new emerging New York based designer is just for you!

Brand glorka has a very specific designer look. Inspired by the old Asian wisdom traditions such as Chinese Shaolin monks and Japanese Samurai warriors, combined with a contemporary urban city fashion and trends, it presents a new take on fashion, where old comfy warrior attire adds a new stylish look.

Super comfy low-crotch pants and asymmetrical tunics, scarves and wraps – these are the main characters of glorka brand.

Taking the low-crotch pants into a new level and styling them according to the four basic fashion trends – this is just one of the things glorka-designs specialize in.

Glorka website has a whole section: Style Yourself, where you can see which look fits you most: Whether you are a gypsy-soul, loving tribal / ethnic looks, or maybe you are a classic lady/gentleman, preferring suites and jackets and ties? Or maybe you just love a simple minimal style with plain, calm solid colors like concrete urban jungles? Or, perhaps you are a sweet and tender flowers/lace loving bird? Variety of fabrics, colors, and prints styled accordingly will help you find the look that feels closer to you.


Glorka is not just a clothing brand. It is a brand with a deep awareness of the importance of the holistic lifestyle.

Offering comfy wear, glorka encourages everyone who wears her clothes to dance, create, do yoga and meditations, exercise or do martial arts, travel and explore… Because this wear is just perfect for all of those activities.

Putting lots of love into design creations, glorka ensures that each piece is unique and special.

All pieces are handmade in New York, where the main designer resides.

My clothes is all about simple style made with love”, – says Zhenya Glorka, the founder of the brand. -“ I believe that through my clothing line I can promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage people to meditate, do yoga, or dancing, go to nature more, go to retreats or camping… Even to travel on a plane or in the car for a long hours trip just feels so good in glorkapants and tunics! 🙂 I want people to feel comfy and cozy anytime! While looking stylish of course! ;-)”, – she says.

Glorka wear is mostly unisex. Of course some of the pieces are obviously preferred mostly by girls, some only by boys, but overall, about 90% of glorka designs are unisex, which is great. Couples love shopping at because they can exchange and borrow from one another!

This is a young and emerging brand. It was founded in 2012, starting only with these simple pants designs, later on expanding and adding more. offers also customized orders, matching “Mom-and-Kid” or “Dad-and-Kid” wear, maternity wear and kinds wear.

All of glorka designs are made of soft and light fabrics. Winter and Summer versions are always available online and new pieces are coming out quite often.


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