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New Rock: Top five sexy high heels

When you hear the name “New Rock” it may be only New Rock Boots that come to mind, but this is not the only way to command attention when you enter any room that you walk into because now there are more dashing New Rock High Heels than you could possibly imagine. Trust me, there is nothing sexier than stepping onto the scene taking all of the focus from the main event to those High Heel Boots. These High Heels are for the edgy woman who is confident and secure in herself and what she represents.

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Because the brand has established itself as the go to for high fashion, attitude, and flare—its history precedes itself. The company’s heritage dates back to 1929, and in 1979 the NEWROCK Company became a forerunner on an international level. When you rock in New Rock, people know right away that you are a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Like their shoes, New Rock Boots is known for making an entrance.

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With a history of respect, quality, and innovation, this company is creating a shoe epidemic that is no less than an outbreak spreading to every heel aficionado on a global scale. When these shoes go on, people know the gloves are coming off. These shoes are for the women with devilish smiles and sexy glances, who leave you wishing you had gotten their phone number before they vanished. Maybe you can catch her with a gleam from one of those infamous metal heels. However, beware this gothic punk Cinderella. A lady in these heels may be more than you can handle. Here are 5 heels you will want to Rock:

New Rock M.PUNK035-C2: This black leather platform pump from the punk collection is designed to seduce. Complementing the infamous metal heel and soul, it has three metal floral studs adorning the vamp. Heel: 5cm.

New Rock M.PUNK064-C: Take your attitude and slide it into this sexy black punk styled clog. Perfect with leather leggings, its back leather embroidered front flame (complemented with a metal cross sitting atop 5 metal skulls) will definitely have people wondering which side you are representing. Heel height: 13 cm

New Rock M.PUNK092-S1: Get unzipped with this black leather heel. Adorned with a partial zipper running along the top of the shoes reflecting the even metal base and heal. A goth style shoe that complements the goth girl in you. Heel height: 3cm

New Rock M.9982-C1: These black floral print leather platforms with red leather inline will turn heads no question. And of course the shoe sits on the infamous metal heel. Clash type: Buckle. Heel height: 12cm. Part of the New Circle collection.

New Rock M.MAGS002-S1: Let your freshly done pedicure for a night out shine in these open toed black leather sandalias. With buckled clasps and studded skulls at the top and near the toe, there is no doubt the purple inlined beauties will suggest the seriously playful yet sexy in you. Heel height: 16cm

These heels are not for the boring and meek, but for the exciting and bold; those ready to dare to be who they are, at any time, and any cost.

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