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Our Top Picks of Leather Men’s Slippers This Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the man in you life, then slippers are always a great option. Warm and cuddly men’s slippers are perfect for the Winter and Spring months. They are lovely to wear in the colder weather around the house and outside too. At Reindeer Leather’s we create high quality leather men’s slippers at really affordable prices. Our Polish leather is of the finest quality, with a range of stylish designs. Here are our top picks:

 Closed Toe Leather Slippers with Soft Wool Inside



These closed toe, dark brown, suede slippers have a gorgeous woollen inside. They are handmade especially to last through the cold winter. These slippers are soft and comfortable winter slippers for men. They are beautifully stitched in contrasting white thread. This slipper design is soft and light because the sole is made of foam. This makes these leather slippers extremely durable, very light and comfortable. Especially to wear indoor at home. Give you man much deserved comfort and keep his feet warm through the cold winter months. With all of our men’s slippers, theses are handcrafted Kapcie from Poland.

Open Toe European Leather Slippers



These are some of the most popular slipper designs available on Reindeer Leathers. These leather men’s sandals are made from, supple, thin and soft natural leather in a gorgeous brown colour. They feature a stylish open toe design. These leather men’s slippers are a perfect example of a European design. They are most common in almost every house in Poland. All of our men’s slipper have a soft insole which is ideal for indoor use.

Traditional Polish Leather Slippers


These Reindeer Leather slippers are made from the thickest, highest quality sheep leather. These tan slippers are traditional, handmade kapcie from Poland. They are true to the traditional designs of all Polish slippers. These leather men’s slippers feature beautiful hand-carved designs on the upper and inner soles of these leather slippers. A piece of traditional Polish history that have come right from mountains of Zakopane. These leather slippers are beautifully woven with leather threads. The hard insoles are made from pure leather.

Comfortable Black Slip On’s


If you fancy something different from all leather, then maybe some woolly slippers would be more suitable for you. This are most popular slippers in the colder countries and Australia too. They are made from the finest quality polar wool and Stitched in contrasting white thread. These beautiful handmade slip on slippers for men are made with only one purpose in mind: to give comfort to your feet. These slippers are very soft and light because the slippers are made from foam. This makes them ideal for both indoor and cold climates too. A must have design for absolutely any man this Christmas time.

For more Polish leather goods such as wallets, please visit Reindeer leathers for more. We have a wide range of high quality wool and leather products.